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Challenge Mode is a game mode in Hyrule Warriors.[name references needed] Players are given challenging battle scenarios to complete. First added to the game with the Version 1.2.0 update, the mode is greatly expanded upon following the Version 1.6.0 update and release of the Boss DLC Pack, which adds additional modes, including the Ganon's Fury mode, wherein the dark beast Ganon becomes playable in this mode only. Challenge Mode and its derivatives are absent in Hyrule Warriors Legends.


Challenge Mode pits Warriors in a battle scenario where they are given a challenge or a series of challenges to complete, with varying goals and difficulty. Some battles have timed challenges, wherein the task at hand must be completed within a certain time limit to succeed. The Version 1.6.0 update added the ability to record each Warrior's statistical data upon completing a battle scenario. This included the Warrior's rank, the amount of Rupees collected, and what Weapon was used, among other things.

Battle Challenge

Battle Challenge is the default mode available to Challenge Mode. A score is now also kept after winning each battle as of the Version 1.6.0 update.

Battle Challenge originally featured only one battle scenario, entitled "Running Battle in Faron Woods". In this battle, the Warrior is placed in the Faron Woods and is given a series of challenges to complete, nearly all of which involve defeating a certain number of Enemies within a time limit. Certain challenges have specific criteria, such as defeating a certain number of Enemies using only Special Attacks or while in Focus Spirit. After successfully completing a challenge, the Warrior is ranked by how well they performed before starting on the next challenge. Depending on how well they did, the results of the last challenge may also increase the strength of the enemy troops. The final challenge tasks the Warrior with defeating both Volga and Wizzro.

Following the Version 1.6.0 update two additional battle scenarios, "Rush Battle!" and "Defeat 800 enemies!", were added to the section.

Boss Challenge

Boss Challenge is an additional mode available in the Boss Pack DLC. The mode features several battle scenario types of varying challenges, which are ranked in difficulty in Levels. More battles may be unlocked by winning previous battles under certain ranks. Boss Challenge rewards in new Costumes after winning certain battles with an A-Rank.

Boss Challenge features three types of battles:

  • Defeat [number of] enemies!: Warriors are tasked with defeating a large number of Enemies within an extended time limit. By defeating the Giant Bosses that appear on the battlefield, more enemy reinforcements can be made to appear.
  • Brave Battle: Warriors are tasked with defeating an indefinite number of Enemies until the timer runs out. Giant Bosses can also be defeated to make more enemy reinforcements appear.
  • Survival Battle: Warriors are targeted by powerful Assassins and must fend them off in a series of waves. Healing is limited to spawns that require either meeting up with an ally or defeating a certain enemy troop.

Ganon's Fury

Main article: Ganon's Fury

Ganon's Fury is an additional mode available in the Boss Pack DLC. This is the only mode that features Dark Beast Ganon as a playable character.

Cucco's Fury

Main article: Cucco's Fury

Cucco's Fury is a separate mode identical to Ganon's Fury, which instead features a giant Cucco as a playable character.


Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Mode défis (HWDE)[3]Challenge mode
Mode défis (HWDE)Challenge mode
The Federal Republic of Germany
Herausforderung (HWDE)[2]Challenge
The Italian Republic
Modalità Sfida (HWDE)[1]Challenge Mode
Latin America
Desafío (HWDE)[4]Challenge
The Kingdom of Spain
Desafío (HWDE)Challenge
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