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Ciela is Link's Fairy companion in Phantom Hourglass.[4]


Ciela first meets Link when he lands on Mercay Island, where she explains him that she lost her memory.[5] She then takes him to her grandpa, Oshus. Eventually, she and Link begin to travel together along with Linebeck, whom she does not like much and often fights with. Prior to the game's beginning, Ciela was attacked by Bellum, which caused her to lose her power and memories and wash up on Mercay Island's beach.[6][7] After completing the Temple of Courage in Molida Island, another Fairy much like Ciela appears. Link goes to Oshus, who then uses his staff to fuse the new Fairy and Ciela together. This makes her memories come back, revealing that she is the Spirit of Time and Courage.[1]

In the final scene before the credits, Ciela says her goodbyes to Link and Linebeck. She eventually gains respect for Linebeck as he does for her.


By collecting 10 Courage Gems and offering them at Spirit Island, Ciela can allow Link to perform a Sword Beam. Collecting 20 gems doubles the width of the beam. In the final boss fights, Ciela provides Link with Phantom Spheres, allowing him to temporarily freeze time.

Other Appearances

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)

In the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa, Ciela's lost memories take the form of a little girl. Link and Linebeck first encounter her on the Isle of Gust. Link comments that she seems like an empty shell and Linebeck warns him that she might be a threat to them. However, the girl is soon attacked by Crayk and Link departs to Molida Island to rescue her. Once Link defeats Crayk, the girl responds by thanking them. Link expects to see the Spirit of Courage, but Oshus appears and tells Link that she is already there. Link turns to the girl and asks if it is her, but Oshus tells him that she is not the Spirit. He then tells Ciela that he is sorry that he hid the truth for so long and Ciela's memory rejoins with her, creating the Spirit of Courage.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Ciela appears as a Trophy.

Trophy Information

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
228 N/A Phantom Hourglass A fairy who tags along with Link on his Phantom Hourglass adventure. Ciela is the one who finds Link after he tries to save Tetra and falls into the ocean. The evil being known as Bellum has erased some of Ciela's most important memories. Random


  • Ciela's vocal sounds are identical to those of Navi from Ocarina of Time, though they are heard less frequently.
  • During the final battle with Bellum, Link cannot use the Sword Beam due to Ciela's capture at the hands of Bellum.
  • Ciela is depicted with three colorations: white at the beginning of the game, yellow after her true identity is revealed, and blue on official artworks.


Ciela is similar to "cielo", the Spanish and Italian word for "sky" (although the name can also connotate "heaven"). In addition, "ciel" is the French word for "sky". This is appropriate given the nature of Ciela's character to fly around the screen.

Names in Other Regions
  • 勇気の精霊 (Yūki no Seirei))[10]
  • シエラ (Shiera)[11]
  • Ciela
The French Republic
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
  • Sciela[8]
  • Spirito del coraggio[9]
  • Sheila
  • Spirit of Courage
Latin America
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Ciela
  • Espíritu del Valor[20]
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