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Clean Cut is a Mini-Game in Skyward Sword.[1]


Clean Cut can be played on Bamboo Island. The Mini-Game is run by Peater, who tolls Link 10 Rupees to play.[2] When the game begins, Link will be faced with a giant bamboo plant. He must cut the plant as many times as possible before the top of the bamboo touches the ground.[3]


Link can randomly receive one of the following prizes if he has cut the bamboo enough times:

Cuts Prize
0 to 14 No Prize
15 to 19 30 Rupees
20 to 27 Evil Crystal
Monster Horn
28+ Blue Bird Feather
Golden Skull
Goddess Plume


  • Performing a Spin Attack counts as hitting the bamboo twice.
  • Cutting two pieces of bamboo at the same time as they fall counts as two cuts.
  • Stabbing the bamboo causes it to drop vertically, allowing for a reliable high number of cuts.


  • According to a Gossip Stone, Peater claims he holds a record of 43 slices.[4]
  • The counter resets after exceeding 64 cuts. This means that 65 cuts is counted as 1 cut, 66 cuts count as 2 cuts and so on.[5]


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