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This article is about the character called Captain in A Link Between Worlds. For other uses, see Captain (Disambiguation).

The Coliseum Receptionist,(TFH)[2] also known as Captain,(ALBW)[3] is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.


A Link Between Worlds


The Captain first appears in the Blacksmith's Forge to collect his new Sword and Shield from the Blacksmith in A Link Between Worlds. In the process of examining the Shield, he uncharacteristically forgets about his Sword and leaves the shop without bringing it with him.[4][1] Link is sent on an errand to return the Sword to the Captain, eventually finding him at the Sanctuary. Dampé mentions that the Captain often visits the Sanctuary to talk with the Priest, Seres' father, but is aware that he only visits to have an excuse to see Seres.[5] As Seres leaves to fetch the Captain, her scream is heard and the doors to the Sanctuary are locked. After Link finds another way into the Sanctuary through the Secret Passage, he learns that the Captain and Seres have been turned into Paintings by Yuga.[6][7]

During the ending credits, it is shown that the Captain has been returned to normal following Yuga's defeat, and that Link has returned his Sword to him.


The Lorulean Captain is found drinking at the Milk Bar in Thieves' Town. Like his counterpart, he works for the Royal Family, and seems to be stationed in Thieves' Town. However, with the condition of the land and its people, he stays at the Bar only to complain about the poor state of their kingdom and blame those responsible.[8]

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, the Captain gets transferred to Hytopia,[9] where he is known as the Coliseum Receptionist. At the entrance to the Coliseum, he appears in the basement hall, where he tells Link how the Coliseum works when he first enters.[10] When talked to afterward, he will tell Link more about the Coliseum and give him battling tips.[11][12] The Coliseum Receptionist also keeps Link's score of how many times he has won in the Coliseum, and evaluates him based on this total.


Names in Other Regions
兵士長 (Heishi-chō)[16] 
The French Republic
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
  • Captain of the guards
  • Same as English.
  • Hylian captain
Latin America
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Capitán
  • Capitán de la guardia[24]
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