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Not to be confused with Zelda Wiki, which was named Zeldapedia for a brief period.

Zeldapedia was an English encyclopedia dedicated to the The Legend of Zelda series. The wiki (then known as Zelda Wiki or The Legend of Zelda Wiki) was created in 2005 by Champion Kai on the wikifarm Fandom (formerly known as Wikia and Wikicities). It was later renamed to Zeldapedia in 2008.[1]

In 2019, Zeldapedia agreed to merge with longtime rival Zelda Wiki. The wiki is now at an archived state, with messages pointing readers to Zelda Wiki instead.


On June 15, 2005, Champion Kai created Zelda Wiki on Wikicities. However, a couple of weeks later, Champion Kai disappeared from the site, and would return in sporadic intervals from 2008 to 2010. As a result, the community was left to build the wiki.

In June 2007, a merger between Zelda Wiki and the independent Zelda was proposed by Wikia co-founder Angela Beesley to then webmaster Jess Rappaport.[2] The proposal was rejected by staff members on both sites.[3] Six month after the proposed merger failed, Zelda Wiki's community agreed to rename themselves as Zeldapedia in order to avoid naming conflicts with Zelda[1]

In November 2010, Wikia disabled the Monaco skin and enabled the Oasis skin. This decision prompted a discussion on Zeldapedia on whether the wiki should continue to be hosted on Wikia or not, with the majority of the users being in favor of the former.[4] Some Zeldiapedia users also considered a move to Curse LLC in 2012, but was also rejected.[5] Curse LLC would later go on to purchase the independent Zelda Wiki five years later under their Gamepedia brand.[6]

In November 2011, ZeldaInformer and Zeldapedia agreed to an affiliation. This was after ZeldaInformer ended their involvement in Zelda Wiki as a webmaster, and ZeldaInformer's own wiki idea failed. The affiliation lasted until July 2013.

In June 2019, after most of Curse LLC (and, by extension, Gamepedia and Zelda Wiki itself) was purchased by Fandom, another merger between Zeldapedia and Zelda Wiki was proposed. Unlike the previous proposal a decade ago, both staff and the communities on both sites agreed to merge onto Zelda Wiki, with the majority of the community agreeing to the merger.[7][8] On June 15, 2019, coincidentally marking Zeldapedia's fourteenth anniversary, the English wiki was closed for editing and its community merged with Zelda Wiki and Zelda Universe.[9] The other language counterparts currently remain active and would point to Zelda Wiki, while Zeldapedia's Discord server has since transferred to Zelda Wiki.

In 2022, Zelda Wiki moved out of Fandom. Zelda Wiki temporarily used the Zeldapedia name after moving out.[10]

Characteristics and Policies

Like other wikis at Fandom, Zeldapedia set its own policies. This resulted in certain differences from Zelda Wiki. Much like other Fandom wikis, Zeldapedia had allowed anonymous, non-registered, users to edit, but an update of the COPPA Act prompted Fandom as a whole to end anonymous editing on wikis with a target audience of thirteen and under.

One notable policy difference between Zeldapedia and Zelda Wiki was the usage of citations and references which, while core principles here at Zelda Wiki, largely went unused at Zeldapedia.


The following are a list of staff member that ran Zeldapedia prior to its merger with Zelda Wiki.

Username Real Name Signature Former Occupation
Ceiling Master (Zeldapedia)
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Wiki Staff
Tirlby (Zeldapedia)
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Tirlby (talk)
Tirlby (talk)
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Wiki Staff
Greenrupee (Zeldapedia)
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Wiki Staff
Altar (Zeldapedia) --Altar Administrator
AuronKaizer (Zeldapedia) --AuronKaizer! Administrator
Baltro (Zeldapedia) Andy Baltro [ talk · edits ] Administrator
Bek The Conqueror (Zeldapedia) --Bek (talk) Administrator
Birdman5589 (Zeldapedia) --Birdman5589 (talk) Rollbacker
Ccbermanzzpedia (Zeldapedia) -- C2 / CC Administrator
Champion Kai (Zeldapedia) Champion Kai (talk) Founder
Darknut15 (Zeldapedia) (Darknut15 (talk) Rollbacker
DjMack (Zeldapedia) Douglas DjMackmy talk Administrator
Emem123292 (Zeldapedia) ~emem123292 Rollbacker
EveryDayJoe45 (Zeldapedia) --EveryDayJoe45 (talk) Administrator
Fierce Deku (Zeldapedia) --FierceDeku Rollbacker
Fused Shadow (Zeldapedia) Fused Shadow Administrator
Happyjoe5 (Zeldapedia) Happyjoe5 Administrator
Hero of Time 87 (Zeldapedia) Hero of Time 87 Administrator
Hero of Wisdom (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Hylianhobbit (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
Isdrakthül (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
Jedimasterlink (Zeldapedia) Administrator
LadyNorbert (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Lessthan1337 (Zeldapedia) (_esstha(\)1337 Rollbacker
Lisa URAQT (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
Lord link (Zeldapedia) Administrator
MaloMart (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
McGillivray227 (Zeldapedia) Administrator
McJeff (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
Midnaslave (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Minish Link (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Moblin slayer (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
Mr kmil (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Murchadah (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Naftaliash827 (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Oath to Order (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Oldschoolzeldafan (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Oni Dark Link (Zeldapedia) Oni Dark Link Bureaurcrat
Power courage wisdom and time (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Redeadhunter (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
Richard1990 (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Scathee (Formerly "Uber Phoeb") (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Shiram-Ludgerus33 (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
ShutUpNavi (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Sir Real (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
Solar flute (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
Thai420 (Zeldapedia) Administrator
TheNewSheik (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
The Midna (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Triforce 14 (Zeldapedia) Administrator
WiseAdventurer (Zeldapedia) Rollbacker
XXXXX (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Xykeb Zraliv (Zeldapedia) Xykeb Yvolix Zraliv Administrator

Spin off wikis

Zeldapedia had a number of spin-off wikis, including the Zelda Fanon Wiki.

Other Languages

Zeldapedia incorporated a number of sub-wikis for various languages, all of which had since moved over to Zelda Wiki after the merger. As of February 2020, the largest of these are the Spanish and French wikis, with approximately 4,500 and 3,900 articles respectively.



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