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Corta Lake is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

Corta Lake is located on the southern foothills of Mount Floria in West Necluda.[note 1] It is the origin point of several of the Waterfalls that make up the Floria Falls, which eventually flow south into Lake Floria. The remains of two small Zonai Ruins can be found within the Lake.

As Farosh flies over the Floria Falls, strong Winds and Updrafts will appear around Corta Lake.

During the "EX Treasure: Dark Armor" Side Quest, which is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad Downloadable Content Pack, Link reads Misko's EX Journal 2 and discovers that part of the Phantom Ganon Set is hidden "at the highest of three waterfalls north of Lake Floria."[5] This correlates to the Waterfall that flows south from Corta Lake, where Link can find a metallic EX Treasure Chest containing the Phantom Ganon Skull.[6]

A total of five Treasure Chests can be found within Corta Lake. One at the center of the Lake is made of metal, and it contains a bundle of five Fire Arrows. The other four are made of wood and located within the Zonai Ruins. However, Boulders have been placed on top of them, which prevent them from rising to the Water's surface. When Link moves the Boulders, he will be able to open the Treasure Chests and retrieve an Opal, a Purple Rupee, a Silver Rupee, and a Gold Rupee.


Minor Enemies


Tears of the Kingdom

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Names in Other Regions
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
路特斯湖 (Lùtèsī hú)
The People's Republic of China
路特斯湖 (Lùtèsī hú)
The French Republic
Lac de Lute
Lac de Lute
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Lago Rutes
The Republic of Korea
The Kingdom of Spain
Lago Telye
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  1. In Creating a Champion, Corta Lake is shown on a map to be part of the Faron Region.[3] However, this contradicts the game's file data for the location, which considers it to be part of West Necluda.[4] Therefore, this is not considered Canon.


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