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The Cross is an item in The Adventure of Link.[1]

Location and Uses

The Cross is found in the sixth palace, Three-Eye Rock Palace. Unlike the other items in the game, it is guarded by a mini-boss: a Rebonack. After its defeat, Link gains a key and proceeds to take the Cross from a pedestal in the next room.

The Cross, while useless in the dungeon where it is found, allows Link to see the dangerous blue-colored Moas[2] that infest the graveyards in East Hyrule, the town of Old Kasuto, and the Valley of Death (which itself serves as the path to the Great Palace). It should be noted that, with a lot of skill, it is possible (albeit difficult) to survive those places without seeing the invisible enemies. A more risky method involves the constant use of the Fairy magic.


Names in Other Regions
十字架 (Jūjuka)[4]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
Croce[3]Same as English.
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