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Death Mountain is a recurring Stage in the The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed]


Four Swords

Entrance to the Mountain

Death Mountain can be selected from the Stage-Selection Screen at any time and has no prerequisite conditions. The entrance is located in a volcanic mountain range in northwestern Hyrule.

Themes and Navigation

Death Mountain is a constantly-erupting volcano engulfed in Lava. Due to the area's extreme temperature, floors are often covered with open Flames.[2] Other obstacles such as Rocks are also present.

The Great Fairy of Flame has long been the guardian of Death Mountain and provides the Links with Silver, Golden, or Hero's Keys for the area depending on their performance.[3] Gouen, a creature made of flames, acts as the Stage Boss.[2]

Minor Enemies and Traps

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors


Land of Myth

After going through one of the newly-created portals, Impa, followed by Sheik and a small group of Hyrulean soldiers, arrive to Death Mountain during the era of the Hero of Time.[4] The Hyrulean Forces begin their search for the Gate of Souls, but are interrupted when a fairy (named Navi in the Wii U version) appears and tells them that the Gorons, along with their chief Darunia, have abducted Princess Ruto.[5] She elaborates that the once-gentle Darunia suddenly changed with the arrival of Princess Zelda. Although the allies' primary focus is finding and closing the gate, they quickly decide to help rescue the princess of the Zoras and find out Zelda's intentions.[6]

The Gorons, unwilling to talk with the Hyrulean Forces, immediately begin their attack against the allies by launching boulder attacks at the Allied Base.[7][8] Because the Gorons are using the West and East Boulder Keeps to launch their attacks, the Hyrulean Forces quickly capture them to prevent any further damage to their base.[9][10] However, Darunia becomes enraged that his people are being attacked and begins a rampage against Impa and her troops.[11][12] With Darunia mad with rage, the young Sheikah suggests that they knock the Goron Chieftain out to get some information regarding both Zelda and Ruto.[13]

Seeing himself overwhelmed by the strength of the Hyrulean Forces, Darunia temporarily retreats to the Chief Room to recover and calls for reinforcements.[14][15] While the Gorons are being led by a group of Goron Captains to reclaim both Boulder Keeps, Darunia emerges from his room seemingly without a scratch and begins to accompany his people in recapturing the keeps to launch more boulder attacks.[16] Impa and Sheik are surprised by the fast recovery of the Goron Chieftain and wonder if his base is hiding a secret to him replenishing his health.[17][18] Sheik then devises a plan but requires the aid of Impa to secure the West Boulder Keep in order to execute it.[19][20] Once Sheik makes it safely to the keep, she fires a boulder into the Enemy Base and destroys its gate, revealing the entrance to Darunia's room. The Goron infuriated Chieftain retreats to his chamber and commands all of the Gorons to attack the Allied Base since Sheik's attack ruined his premium Rock Sirloin.[21] As part of this plan, the Gorons summon Bombchus to the battlefield with the intention of blowing up the base;[22] however, the Hyrulean Forces defeat the Bombchu Operators controlling the explosives and use them to conquer the remaining keeps, including the Enemy Base.[23][24]

When Impa and Sheik enter the Enemy Base, they find that two Big Poes are controlling the Gorons and are the cause for their aggressive behavior.[25] Destroying the two monsters rids Darunia of the enchantments and decreases his power, allowing the allies to return the Chieftain's sanity by defeating him one last time.[26] Not realizing his actions, Darunia quickly apologizes for the harm they had caused and releases Princess Ruto at the request of Sheik.[27][28]

After the Scenario finishes, Darunia becomes a playable character and his weapon, the Magic Hammer, becomes available for use.

Hyrulean Forces Goron Forces Rogue Forces

Hylian Captains



Hylian Soldiers

Bombchu Operators



Deku Babas


Goron Captains




Big Poes

Gold Cucco
Item Location Condition
Gold Skulltula On a ledge nortwhest from the W. Boulder Keep. Requires Hookshot. Defeat 1000 enemies
Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Room south of the Chief's Room Using Sheik, defeat Darunia two or more times and obtain 1,500 KOs before the Enemy Base opens
Piece of Heart Capture the East Goron Keep Play as Impa
Heart Container Beneath boulder on southern path from the E. Boulder Keep Play as Sheik


  • The symbol associated with Death Mountain in Four Swords resembles the Fire Element.
  • Death Mountain is the only stage in Four Swords that is a recurring geographical feature in Hyrule. The other land-bound stages, or at least their names, are never reused, although Vaati's Palace is implied to be the same as the Palace of Winds.


Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Mont du péril (HWDE)[29]Mount of peril
Mont de la Mort (HWDE)Mount of Death
The Federal Republic of Germany
Todesberg (HWDE)Death Mountain
The Italian Republic
Monte Morte (HWDE)Death Mountain
Latin America
Montaña de la Muerte (HWDE)Mountain of Death
The Kingdom of Spain
Montaña de la Muerte (HWDE)Mountain of Death
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