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The Den of Trials is a location in Tri Force Heroes,[name references needed] added through the Ver. 2.0.0 update.[1] It is designated as the ninth Area of the Drablands as well as the sole Level within the Area, and contains 40 Floors based on the prior eight Areas. At the bottom of the Den of Trials rests the Fierce Deity Armor.

Themes and Navigation

To access the Den of Trials, Link must complete nine Levels and/or Drablands Challenges, then return to Hytopia, where The Great Tripini tells the young hero about the newly-discovered Area and the powerful Outfit said to be found within.[2][3] Though the Den of Trials cannot be unlocked or selected through Download Play, the Links can still access the Den if the "host" Link selects it. However, the other Links will not be able to obtain the Fierce Deity Armor in this mode.

The Den of Trials is divided into portions called Zones, with each portioned Zone being based on the Woodlands, Riverside, Volcano, Ice Cavern, Fortress, The Dunes, The Ruins and the Sky Realm respectively. Each Zone contains five Floors and is accessible from a central hub area with eight Triforce Gateways. The Floors contain Enemies that must all be defeated in order to activate the Triforce Gateway to advance to the next Floor.[4] According to The Great Tripini, all of the Fairies that accompany the Links flee in fear of the Den of Trials, leaving them with only one to start with.[5] However, by reaching the "safe room" on the fifth Floor of a Zone, the Links can obtain another Fairy trapped in a Treasure Chest after collecting the Materials from that Zone and Saving their progress. Each safe room also contains a Squiddy from which supplementary Hearts and Rupees can be retrieved before descending further. When a Zone is completed, its corresponding Triforce Gateway in the hub area becomes activated. If the entire Den of Trials is completed in a single session, beginning from the first Floor, then the final safe room will contain eight Chests with more valuable Materials than the usual three.

A party cannot warp to any Zones that have not been reached by all the participating Links, forcing them to begin from the highest common Zone available, or earlier.[6] The Den of Trials features several "dark" variants of common Enemies, which have increased attack power and defense, attacks which tend to Curse the Links, and much faster recovery from being stunned. In addition there are new Enemies that were not present in the other Areas of the Drablands, including Slaroks, Gimos, and land-based Octoroks. The final Floor features a triumvirate of Shadow Links, equipped with powered up versions of the weapons available.

Forest Zone

Main article: Forest Zone
Items Materials
Bow or or
Boomerang or or
Fire Gloves

The Forest Zone consists of grassy surfaces without any special features. The Totem Dekus emerge at random heights of one to three Links, and periodically change their height.

Floor Enemies
B1 Blobs
Buzz Blobs
B2 Rats
B3 Life Likes (Posing as Hearts)
Totem Dekus
B4 Gimos
Dark Blobs
Spear Throwing Moblins (Riding a Totem Armos)
Dark Spear Throwing Moblin (Riding two Dark Totem Armos)
B5 Squiddy

Flooded Zone

Main article: Flooded Zone
Items Materials
Gripshot or or
Water Rod or or

Each floor in the Flooded Zone has pools of Water along their edges, except for the second floor, which is almost entirely submerged. The Keeleon on the second floor will spew silver Spikes, which can accumulate over a large area and explode on contact. The third floor has a large Guruguru Bar that spans the entire central platform.

Floor Enemies
B6 Slaroks
Water Octoroks
B7 Buzz Blobs
Water Tektites
Keeleon (Spews silver Spikes)
B8 White Poes
Ice Wizzrobes
Water Octoroks
B9 Octorok
Dark Octoroks
Slarok (Riding a Totem Armos)
Octorok (Riding a Totem Armos)
Dark Octorok (Riding two Dark Totem Armos)
B10 Squiddy

Scorching Zone

Main article: Scorching Zone
Items Materials
Magic Hammer or or
Gust Jar or or

Each floor in the Scorching Zone features a grated metal floor above a pool of Lava, except for the second floor, which instead features rocky platforms that sink into the Lava if the Links stand on them for several seconds. These grated platforms leave several strips of exposed Lava along the floors' edges, which the Links can fall into if not careful. On the third floor, Volcanic Rocks will fall continuously, while on the fourth floor, Lava Geysers shoot upward through parts of the grated floor.

Floor Enemies
B11 Red Hardhat Beetles
Fire Keese
B12 Hardhat Beetles
Fire Keeleons
B13 Helmasaurs
Terrorpins (In a Totem formation)
B14 Dark Spear Throwing Moblin
Dark Hardhat Beetles
Dark Hinoxes
Dark Sky Spear Soldier (Riding a Dark Totem Armos)
B15 Squiddy

Frozen Zone

Main article: Frozen Zone
Items Materials
Fire Gloves or or
Boomerang or or
Magic Hammer

Each floor in the Frozen Zone features patches of slippery Ice and several thin Ice platforms that gradually crack and break away under the Links' weight, but eventually grow over again. The third and fourth floors also have several permanent holes. In the center of the second floor, two Switch Moles appear from a circle of six Mole Holes; when both are defeated, the Fire Keeleon and Hardhat Beetles appear.

Floor Enemies
B16 Ice Gimos
B17 Ice Keese
Switch Moles
Fire Keeleon
Hardhat Beetles
B18 Blue Sword Soldiers
Prankster Poes
B19 Ice Wizzrobes
Dark Wizzrobe
Dark Sky Spear Soldier (Riding two Dark Totem Armos)
Bomb Soldier (Riding a Totem Armos)
B20 Squiddy

Fortified Zone

Main article: Fortified Zone
Items Materials
Gust Jar or or
Bomb or or

The first floor of the Fortified Zone has four Arrow Traps along the outside edges, which automatically start firing Arrows after the Links select their Items, and a set of four unlit Torches sitting in the Arrows' paths. Two of the Arrow Traps also have lit Torches directly in front of them, which quickly causes a chain reaction leading to a flurry of Fire Arrows across the stage. This trap can be avoided if the Link wielding the Gust Jar extinguishes the two lit Torches before all Links select their Items, though the Torches will reignite after one minute.

On the second floor, two stacks of two Mini-Margos travel clockwise around the floor's perimeter, while the last Mini-Margo travels counter-clockwise in a smaller radius. A patch of Bomb Flowers awaits in the center. Once all five Mini-Margos or the solo Mini-Margo or the single Dark Keeleon are defeated, a second Dark Keeleon appears. On the third floor, the four Dark Hinoxes are initially standing on ledges along the floor's perimeter, and can be easily defeated by knocking them off with a single hit. However, if the Beamos and Gimos are defeated first, the Dark Hinoxes will drop to the floor and begin giving chase to the Links.

Floor Enemies
B21 Spear Soldier (Riding a Totem Armos)
Green Poe
Red Poe
Blue Poe
B22 Dark Keeleon
Mini-Margos (Two stacks of two; one solo)
B23 Beamos
Fire Gimos
Ice Gimos
Spear Soldier (Riding three Totem Armos)
Dark Hinoxes
B24 Dark Sky Sword Soldier
Dark Sky Shield Soldier
Dark Sky Spear Soldier
Dark Sky Spear Soldier (Riding a Dark Totem Armos)
Dark Sky Ball and Chain Soldier
Dark Sky Sword Soldier (Riding a Dark Totem Armos)
Dark Sky Spear Soldiers (Riding two Dark Totem Armos each)
B25 Squiddy

Desert Zone

Main article: Desert Zone
Items Materials
Gripshot or or
Gust Jar or or
Water Rod

All four floors of the Desert Zone are covered in Quicksand, save for a small patch of solid ground in each of the four cardinal directions, and one in the center. The second floor features walls around the floor's edges, and two Bomb Flowers that must be watered with the Water Rod before they can be plucked. On the third floor, the Morths will continually regenerate shortly after they are defeated, but will permanently disappear once all other Enemies are defeated.

Floor Enemies
B26 Karat Crabs (Inside Sand Mounds)
B27 Hokkubokku
Life Likes (Posing as Hearts)
B28 Skullropes
B29 Red Stalfos
Dark Stalfos (Riding a Dark Totem Armos each)
Dark Stalfos (Riding two Dark Totem Armos)
B30 Squiddy

Shadow Zone

Main article: Shadow Zone
Items Materials
Boomerang or or
Bow or or
Fire Gloves

Each floor in the Shadow Zone has a large pit and features a different type of platform trap. The first floor has three grey platforms that periodically vanish and reappear. The second floor has six colored platforms that cycle around the stage, plus two static ones in the center; only the Link matching a platform's color can safely walk on it without falling through. The third floor appears to be mostly groundless, but features a number of invisible platforms that briefly appear when touched by a Fireball or a Dark Wizzrobe's blast. On the fourth floor, the Dark Stalfos throw their bones at the Links from small sections of ground separated from the rest of the floor; hitting a Shock Switch makes platforms briefly appear that allow the Links to cross into these sections.

Floor Enemies
B31 Keese
Fire Keese
Ice Keese
B32 White Poes
Prankster Poe
Green Poe
Red Poe
Blue Poe
B33 Hardhat Beetles
Dark Wizzrobes
B34 Gibdos
Dark Stalfos
B35 Squiddy

Baneful Zone

Main article: Baneful Zone
Bomb Bow
Fire Gloves Boomerang
Water Rod
Gust Jar Materials
Gripshot or or
Magic Hammer or or
Mystery Jade Rainbow Coral
Star Fragment Ice Rose
Vibrant Brooch Crystal Skull
Sanctuary Mask Steel Mask

The first floor of the Baneful Zone consists of four separate diamond-shaped islands; one where the Links appear and can select from any of the eight Items, and three others with a trio of Dark Enemies on each. The Links must pick up any of the six Cuccos wandering around the floor and use them to glide across the gaps. The second floor has a strong gust of wind coming from the north end, which can be temporarily blocked by a wall that rises up when a Shock Switch is struck.

The Squiddy and the Treasure Chest containing a Fairy appear on the third floor of the Baneful Zone after all Enemies are defeated, as opposed to the fifth floor, like in all other Zones. This allows the Links to restore their Hearts ahead of the next floor's Boss battle.

Floor Enemies
B36 Dark Blobs
Dark Hardhat Beetles
Dark Octoroks
Dark Keeleon
B37 Dark Stalfos (Riding a Dark Totem Armos)
Dark Spear Moblin (Riding two Dark Totem Armos)
Dark Hinoxes
B38 Dark Wizzrobes
Dark Sky Fire Chain Soldier
2x Dark Super Aeralfos
B39 Shadow Links


  • For each consecutive safe room that the Links reach, a new congratulatory Status Report will scroll across the screen. These Status Reports will accumulate and reappear at each safe room thereafter, eventually covering most of the screen. The messages for each consecutive safe room are as follows:
  1. No message
  2. "Well THAT was unexpected!"
  3. "You're unstoppable, snickerdoodle! ♥"
  4. "Oh!!"
  5. "Again? How?! Tell me, tell me!"
  6. "Unbelievable, dahling!"
  7. "My awe has been inspired!"
  8. "You're legendary, chum! Really!"
  • If the Links reach all eight safe rooms consecutively, they will also be greeted by a loud round of applause, followed by an audible cheer from Sir Combsly and the Status Report message "Good work, soldier!"


Names in Other Regions
  • 魔窟 (Makutsu)
  • 魔窟エリア (Makutsu Eria)[8]
The French Republic
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Covo ostile[7]
The Republic of Korea
  • 시련의 동굴 (Silyeon-ui Dong-gul) [10]
  • 시련의 동굴 지역 (Silyeon-ui Dong-gul Jiyeog) [11]
Latin America
Gruta del desafío [12]
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Grutas Sombrías
  • Grutas [14]
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Forest Zone

Flooded Zone

Scorching Zone

Frozen Zone

Fortified Zone

Desert Zone

Shadow Zone

Baneful Zone


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