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Desbrekos are enemies in Majora's Mask.[1]


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Tatl says:

It's a Desbreko. Once it bites you, it's not gonna want to let go. I haaaate this thing!

Desbrekos are skeletal fish that reside in the waters of the Pirate's Fortress and the Great Bay Temple. They are similar to the Skullfish, but are more lethal. Once Desbrekos sense Link’s presence, they will attack and try to cause injury to him. They are often found in groups and will attack as such. Destroying a Desbreko in the same room amongst Skullfishes will defeat the Skullfish as well. In Great Bay Temple, there are less mini-skullfish that surround the Desbreko than the one in the Pirate's Fortress that guards the Zora Egg.

Zora Link's Boomerangs, the Hookshot, and the Hero's Bow work well against them. To ensure safety when entering the water, Link should first empty the water that Desbrekos swim in.


  • Zora Link's Zora Guitar greatly resembles a Desbreko, and may have been crafted from one.


Desbreko's Japanse name, "Death Pleco," comes from Plecostomus, a type of freshwater fish colloquially referred to as the "sucker fish."

Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Plecolisca (MM | MM3D)[2][3]Portmanteau of "pleco" and lisca (fishbone)
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