Desert of Doubt

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The Desert of Doubt is the first Stage of the eponymous level in Four Swords Adventures.[1]

Themes and Navigation

The Gerudo tribe can be found in a village near the beginning of this stage. The village is in a bit of an uproar after Ganondorf, guardian of the Gerudo and the desert,[2] left for the Pyramid against local laws.[3][4][5] It is revealed that Ganondorf left in pursuit of power,[6][7] and the Gerudo blocked the road to the desert to prevent others from doing so.[8] In order to pass into the desert, the Links must ask permission from the leader of the tribe, who allows them to enter because of the crisis in Hyrule.[9]

The desert areas affected by sand storms send the Links back to the Gerudo village, should they take the incorrect path. A tablet found early in the stage offers the answer to the seemingly difficult maze. The only way to progress is to "oppose the winds"[10] by taking paths the wind blows from.

The Zuna tribe can be found further into the desert. One of the Zuna members offers a Sand Rub for 100 Force Gems, which serves to heal the Links' health.[11] Another Zuna runs a Treasure Chest Game where the Links can gamble for Force Gems.

The only item found in the Desert of Doubt level is the Pegasus Boots which need to be upgraded to fully cross the desert safely.

Items Obtained in this Area

Minor Enemy and Traps


  • The Geoglyph on the ground at the entrance of the desert share similarities to the Nazca Lines. It is seemingly also a reference to the Octorok pattern at the entrance of the Desert of Mystery in A Link to the Past.
  • If the Links take the wrong path, the laughter that accompanies their return to the start of the area sounds like the laugh of Ganondorf.


The Desert of Doubt shares it's Japanese name with the Desert of Mystery.

Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Il Deserto del Dubbio[12]The Desert of Doubt
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