Dordung Cave

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Dordung Cave is a location in The Wand of Gamelon.[1]

Features and Overview

Unlocked after completing Tykogi Tower, Dordung Cave is a ravine and cave complex in Gamelon, located in a small mountain peak next to the forest valley that borders the area. The ravine is inhabited by Jawbees that attack Princess Zelda continuously, along with a few Dodongos that patrol the ravine grounds. At the far end of the ravine is the entrance to the Cave itself.

The interior of the Cave is pitch-black, and when lit up with the Lantern, large concentrations of green crystals forming on the walls are revealed. Moving Gleeok Heads inside attempt to pelt Zelda with fireballs. At the top of the cavern is a Gleeok. Upon its defeat, Princess Zelda receives the Heat Crystal that is left behind. A Triforce Map at the end of the Cave takes Princess Zelda back to the Map screen, and upon completion of the stage, Dodomai Palace is unlocked.

Minor Enemies



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