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Dr. Borville is a character in Twilight Princess.[2] He plays a role in the restoration of Ilia's memory.


Dr. Borville is the sole doctor in Hyrule Castle Town, where he runs the Medical Clinic. A proud and avaricious man, he charges high fees for his services and has no interest in helping those who cannot afford them.[3][4][5][6] Dr. Borville boasts about people calling his hands "The Golden Mitts" and claims to have no trouble making money.[7] He changes his tune when shown his astronomical running tab at Telma's Bar.[8][note 1] He then claims not to have any money.[10]

When Prince Ralis falls ill on the way to Hyrule Castle Town, Dr. Borville refuses to treat the Zora child, stating it is beyond his expertise to do so.[11]

Dr. Borville is the first to bring Ilia to Telma's Bar.[12] He somehow obtains the Wooden Statue from Ilia with the intention of selling it.[13] Louise steals it from him when he leaves it out to dry after spilling medicine on it.[14][15] When Link visits the Medical Clinic after these events, Dr. Borville anxiously asks him in a low voice whether Ilia has said anything about him.[16][17] When threatened with the Invoice, he admits the Wooden Statue was stolen from him.[13] If Link shows Dr. Borville the retrieved Wooden Statue, he will be startled and claim not to know what it is.[18] He immediately contradicts himself by telling Link to return the Wooden Statue to Ilia.[19] If Link brings news of Ilia's recovery later on, he is startled by that too, but then claims to have predicted it from the beginning.[20]

Unlike the other residents of Hyrule Castle Town, Dr. Borville does not react to Wolf Link. This may be due to his poor eyesight.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 町医者 (Machi Isha) Town Doctor
France FrenchEU Docteur Borville
Germany German Städtischer Arzt

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