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Dr. Left is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[8]


Oracle of Seasons

Dr. Left is a Cucco-studying biologist living in his Home in the southeastern portion of Horon Village. In return for lighting his torch with Ember Seeds, he rewards Link with a Cuccodex,[9] the first item in the Trading Game. Whenever Link speaks with him afterwards, the doctor will feed him seemingly random facts about characters or monsters found throughout Holodrum. All his tidbits of knowledge begin with the characteristic phrase, "My books tell me..."

My books tell me...
  • a total of four golden beasts will appear in a particular place in a particular season...
  • a fellow named Ricky can jump small holes and cliffs in just a single bound.
  • a fellow named Ricky packs a powerful punch that unleashes twisters when charged up.
  • a fellow named Dimitri eats almost anything, even monsters.
  • a fellow named Dimitri is a strong swimmer, who can swim even upstream against powerful currents.
  • a fellow named Dimitri can be picked up, carried and even thrown about.
  • a fellow named Moosh can float in midair for short periods of time. They call that hovering.
  • a fellow named Moosh can also save energy while floating to hit the ground with great force!
  • you must use a shield to knock back the seed shot by a Deku Scrub in order to defeat it.
  • of a branch of Deku Scrubs that engages in trade. They're called Business Scrubs.
  • there is a beast called a Whisp that jinxes you when you touch it. You won't be able to draw your sword!

The Minish Cap

Dr. Left appears in The Minish Cap as a researcher of the Minish.[10] He is the owner of an overdue Library Book titled Legend of the Picori, which Link must locate within his House and return to the Royal Hyrule Library.[11] Before Link has to find the overdue Library Book, Dr. Left will not allow him into his House, as he is absorbed in his study of the Minish.[12]

Ironically, Dr. Left is oblivious to the Minish living within his own home.[13] After Link returns Legend of the Picori, Dr. Left will part with some seemingly valuable and exclusive information on the Minish, gleaned from hours of study.[14]


  • The name "Dr. Left" is a pun on a nearly-identical character who appeared in Link's Awakening named Mr. Write.
  • In Oracle of Ages, Dr. Troy plays a similar role to that of Dr. Left in Oracle of Seasons; he will offer Link information about various characters and monsters throughout Labrynna. Dr. Troy speaks of the very same monsters as Dr. Left with the exception of the Golden Monsters, which do not appear in Oracle of Ages.
  • Unlike almost all other Hylians in The Minish Cap, he refers to the Minish as "Minish" rather than "Picori". This is likely to demonstrate his knowledge of them compared to others.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl states that Dr. Left is a mock-up of Sim City's Dr. Wright, not only due to the obvious link in last name, but also an uncanny likeness in hairstyle and color.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
左教授 (Zuǒ jiāo shòu) (OoS)[18] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Blöm (TMC)[19] 
The Italian Republic
  • Biologist
The Kingdom of Spain
Dr. Left (TMC)[20]
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Other Names

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