Dyeing to Find It

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Dyeing to Find It

Quest Giver Steward Construct
Location Lanayru Great Spring
Reward Kurakat Shrine

"Dyeing to Find It" is a Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


On Quatta's Shelf, Link can find a Steward Construct that claims to have information among a group of Sky Island ruins.[2] When spoken to, the Steward reveals that a Shrine of Light can be found in the area, and it is the Shrine's keeper.[3] To find the Shrine, Link must follow a riddle, which states, "Dye the white pattern black when the sun awakens in the sky. Then will the sacred shrine appear."[4] After speaking to the Steward Construct, "Dyeing to Find It" will begin.

Near the Steward Construct is a level, which will rotate a rock structure when pushed. At 6:00 AM, the structure's shadow will be cast onto a white pattern on the ruins below. By orienting the structure correctly and inserting Boards into its slots, Link can shape its shadow to match the white pattern. When the pattern is completely covered by the shadow, Zonai writing will appear on top of it, and Kurakat Shrine will take form. Once the Shrine of Light appears, "Dyeing to Find It" will be completed.


Stage Description
1 Near some ruins on Quatta's Shelf, northwest of Mount Lanayru, a Steward Construct said this riddle would guide you to a sacred shrine:

"When the sun awakens in the sky, dye the white pattern black. Then will the sacred shrine appear."
Complete By reorienting the mechanism in the ruins to receive the morning light, you lined up its shadow to cover the white symbol.

A Shrine of Light appeared in the ruins.


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