EX The Yiga Clan's Retreat

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This article is about the Scenario. For the Narration, see EX The Yiga Clan's Retreat.

EX The Yiga Clan's Retreat

Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Crenel Peak
Playable Character(s)
Main Theme Music
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
EX The Princess and the KingEX Guardian of Remembrance

"EX The Yiga Clan's Retreat" is a Scenario in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


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EX The Yiga Clan's Retreat is a Scenario in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. When it starts, you are with partially damaged Yiga Blademasters, Yiga Captains and Sooga. You first have to capture a Outpost to get through. When you do, you then have to beat some Moblins, including a Malice Moblin. After you do that, a Yiga Blademaster takes you to behind a door while it tries to hold off some more Moblins. You then find a spark from Terrako, however it got there, it grants you access to Runes. You then keep going until some Hollows spawn, which you then have to deal with. After that, you break through a Outpost and are told to head for the exit. Right when you attempt to do that, Windblight and Thunderblight Ganon spawn in Outposts directly in the way. You can kill them, but your exit plans already changed to go around them. When you arrive at your new exit however, Waterblight and Fireblight Ganon spawn and head towards you. Your new goal is to kill them to secure safety, and when you do, you win the mission. When every Memory Quest in this Scenario is completed, Sooga will become a playable character.

Memory quest:

Defeat every Blight Ganon.

Successfully use a Sheikah rune against a Blight Ganon.

Don't let any ally flee.


It's never a good idea to leave your allies alone, as their low health makes survival for them quite slim. As soon as they start to get low on health, rush to their aid at once, lest you risk letting them flee. Take note that once the Hollows appear, you can go back to the closed gate to get it to open again, saving the Blademaster who chose to stay behind.

When it comes to the Blight Ganons, keep in mind that you MUST defeat all four of them in order to 100% this mission. They are all fairly strong, so make sure Master Kohga is at a very high level, same with his selected weapon.

If you were able to keep your allies safe, Sooga will join the battle, making the fight against the final 2 Blights a touch easier. His Unseeing Eye attack will allow him to instantly counter any attack with an attack of his own, so keep this in mind while fighting as him.

If you struggle, note that you can play as any other character after the mission is completed. Mipha is highly recommended, as her special attack will enable her to heal any allies around her. Make use of this if your allies are dangerously low on health.


Names in Other Regions
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Schuilplaats van de Yiga-bende EX[3]Hideout of the Yiga Clan
The French Republic
EX La retraite des Yigas[2] 
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