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This article is about the location in Oracle of Seasons. For the location in The Legend of Zelda, see Eastern Seacoast.

The Eastern Coast is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1] It is a small beach on the southern border of Holodrum.

Features and Overview

Eastern Coast is located south of the Eastern Suburbs and is the only route to the eastern Samasa Desert. The only object of interest on the Eastern Coast is the gate barring the entrance to the desert.[2] To open it, Link must push the four skull-shaped panels on the gate in the same order shown to him by the Piratians at the House of Pirates in Subrosia.[2] The correct combination for opening the gate is: the third panel from the left twice, the second panel once, the first panel twice, and the fourth panel three times.[2]

Gate Combination
The combination that opens the gate

Earlier on in the game, a lone Piratian can be found standing near the gate. The Piratian was sent to look for the Bell, but wishes someone could take his place so he could to return to his comrades and help dig them out of Subrosia.[3] He gladly lets Link take his place once the hero has permission from the Cap'n to search for the Bell.[4] Aside from this, the area is uninhabited and encloses only a few palm trees. Like the desert, this area has no season stumps and remains in summer at all times.

In a Linked Game, Queen Ambi appears on the coast staring out to sea, pining for her sea-faring lover, Cap'n.[5]


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Costa Est[6]East Coast
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