Enduring Resolve

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Enduring Resolve

Stage Gerudo Desert
Playable Character(s) Link
Mini-boss(es) Ghirahim (decoy)
Zant (decoy)
Boss Ghirahim
Main Theme Music "Sandstream"
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
Battle of the TriforceLiberation of the Triforce
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"Enduring Resolve" is the first Scenario of the Grand Finale arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors.[1] It takes place in the Gerudo Desert.


After losing the Battle at Hyrule Field and the Triforce is lost to Ganondorf, the Hyrulean Forces plan a counterattack by attacking Ganondorf's stronghold in the Gerudo Desert. With Ganondorf vanished from sight, Zelda hopes that if the remaining Hyrulean Forces could defeat his generals Ghirahim and Zant, there may be a chance at finding him.

As the Hyrulean Forces march into the Desert, they are immediately faced with Ghirahim's and Zant's troops. Although their strength is overwhelming, the allies promise they are not about to flee. Zelda (or Proxi speaking on behalf of Link if playing as Zelda or Sheik) orders that they must first locate and take down Ghirahim in the Southern Desert. Lana (or Link if playing as Lana) however warns everyone that they must be careful as the Desert Heat is overwhelming, and will take a toll on their stamina. Lana quickly starts to succumb to the heat as she begins to feel dizzy, decreasing her health. Ghirahim uses this opportunity to surround his enemies with his troops, and a Big Poe advances towards Lana. The Hyrulean Forces can save her by capturing the North Oasis Keep, providing her a safe, cool area. As Link fights Ghirahim, he suddenly abandons the fight and flees. The Hyrulean Forces are skeptic by his unusual actions, and wonder if it is wise to follow him. Link pursues him as Ghirahim makes his way to the Arbiter's Keep. Link soon defeats him, but Lana expresses that his defeat seemed too easy. At that point, Zant appears in the Southern Desert. With the Hyrulean Forces now scattered as a result of Ghirahim luring them away, he orders that the gates in the northeastern section of the Desert be shut. Should Link be in the northeast, he finds himself trapped. Lana panics as she realizes she is separated from the others and has fallen into the enemy's trap. Her Morale lowers as a result.

Zelda stresses that they must reunite with Lana immediately. Proxi realizes that the doors in the Clifftop Keep are partially closed. She tells Link to defeat the enemies there to open them. In the mean time, Lana desperately tries to move for the Allied Base, but quickly finds herself surrounded by enemies. She however refuses to give up, and her Morale improves. Link eventually defeats the Shield Moblin in the Keep, thus opening its doors. He hurries to Lana's aid, however he is still unable to get to her as the Hyrulean Forces have hastily closed the settlement gates to prevent Zant's entry. Zant has also closed the Central Desert gate to prevent Link from rejoining his allies. He says he shall only reopen them if he is defeated. However as Link fights him, Zant teleports to another part of the Desert. Zelda fears he must be stalling, and presses Link to defeat him immediately. Link defeats him, and the Central Desert gate is opened. Despite Link's victory, Zelda feels that something is wrong as the enemy troops refuse to relent, even with Zant and Ghirahim defeated. She stresses that everyone must reunite immediately.

Link hurries back to Lana's side, where she and the Hyrulean Forces are fighting off hordes of enemies. Finding themselves overpowered, Lana uses her book to summon their allies Darunia, Ruto, Fi, Midna and Agitha back from their ages. (Although only Darunia, Midna and Fi participate in the battle.) With their new help, the Hyrulean Forces gain the upper hand. However Ganondorf's Forces receive more reinforcements as the gates to the northeast and southeast reopen. From all around the Desert, enemies advance towards the Allied Base. Midna and Darunia leave to fend them off. Zelda observes that even without Ghirahim and Zant, the enemy appears to be surprisingly well organized and has even increased. Lana believes there must be someone else commanding them. She also points out that Zant and Ghirahim were acting very unusual. Zelda begins to wonder if the Zant and Ghirahim they fought were only imposters, and that the real ones must be somewhere else.

Zelda stays behind to guard the Base and orders everyone else to search for them, and Link searches through the Desert Keeps. Zant and Ghirahim realize they have been found out, and send an all-out attack on the Allied Base. Link eventually finds them at the Sacred Grounds Keep, and faces them both in battle. Despite being outnumbered, Link defeats them and the Hyrulean Forces win the battle.


Hyrulean Forces Ganondorf's Forces Rogue Forces


Big Poes


Goron Captains

Bulblin Captains


Deku Babas

Shield Moblins






Gold Cucco


Item Location Condition

Gold Skulltula
Underneath the Boulder outside the S. Desert Keep on the south side Defeat 1,000 enemies

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Underneath the Boulder in the North Prison Play as Zelda with the Rapier, defeat 2,000 enemies while maintaining at least 30% health.(HW)
Play as Zelda with the Rapier, defeat all Keep Saboteurs, Rally Captains, and Skilled Summoners while keeping all Commandable Warriors at 30% or more health.(HWL | HWDE)

Piece of Heart
Central Keep Play as Lana

Heart Container
Underneath the Boulder south of Clifftop Keep Play as Link


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Bis zum Ende (HWDE)Until the End
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