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Energy Well are Items in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Location and Uses

Energy Wells are Zonai technology that can be made at Crystal Refineries. Link can give Crystallized Charges to the Steward Construct stationed there, and it will refine them into Energy Wells at a rate of 100 Charges per one Well.[2]

The produced Energy Wells are then added to Link's Energy Cell, with one Well filling up one third of one of the eight slots on the Energy Cell. Link first obtains the Cell with three Wells installed, and can add an additional 45. Once a total of 24 Energy Wells have been installed and the Energy Cell has run out of space, added Wells will instead add power to already-installed ones, turning them blue and allowing them to be used twice without stopping.

Energy Wells are what extend the capacity of Link's Energy Cell, allowing Zonai Devices to be powered for longer. Consuming a Zonai Charge will restore exactly one Energy Well's worth of charge, and a Large Zonai Charge will restore exactly three.


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    A small part made from crystallized charges. It increases the maximum energy that can be stored in your Energy Cell.
    " — Game Screen (Tears of the Kingdom)
  2. "I can take your crystallized charges and use them to produce Energy Wells. [Get producing!] To produce 1 energy well will require 100 crystallized charges. Is that acceptable?" — Steward Construct (Tears of the Kingdom)