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The Essences of Time are Items in Oracle of Ages.[1]

Location and Uses

The Essences of Time are the eight relics that Link must obtain to help the Maku Tree and save Nayru. Each one is hidden in one of the puzzle- and enemy-filled Dungeons spread across Labrynna. When Link obtains all eight Essences, the Maku Tree gives him a special Seed called the Huge Maku Seed needed to enter Black Tower and defeat the evil Veran.

List of Essences of Time

Essence Location Boss Description
OoA Eternal Spirit Artwork.png
Eternal Spirit
Spirit's Grave Pumpkin Head Even after life ends, it speaks across time to the heart.
OoA Ancient Wood Artwork.png
Ancient Wood
Wing Dungeon Head Thwomp It whispers only truth to closed ears from out of the stillness.
OoA Echoing Howl Artwork.png
Echoing Howl
Moonlit Grotto Shadow Hag It echoes far across the plains to speak to insolent hearts.
OoA Burning Flame Artwork.png
Burning Flame
Skull Dungeon Eyesoar It reignites wavering hearts with a hero's burning passion.
OoA Sacred Soil Artwork.png
Sacred Soil
Crown Dungeon Smog All that lies sleeping in the bosom of the earth will know the nourishing warmth of the Sacred Soil.
OoA Lonely Peak Artwork.png
Lonely Peak
Mermaid's Cave Octogon It is a proud, lonely spirit that remains stalwart, even in trying times.
OoA Rolling Sea Artwork.png
Rolling Sea
Jabu-Jabu's Belly Plasmarine The mystical song of the sea roars into a crashing wave that sweeps heroes out into adventure.
OoA Falling Star Artwork.png
Falling Star
Ancient Tomb Ramrock The eternal light of this heavenly body acts as guide to the other essences.


See here for the translations of each individual Essence.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese 時空のことわり (Jikū no Kotowari)
France FrenchEU Essences du Temps
Germany German Essenzen der Zeit
Italy Italian Essenze del Tempo
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Esencias del Tiempo

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