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The Fates are characters in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]


The Fates are elderly Fortune Tellers who weave Triforce-shaped quilts in Cadence of Hyrule. There are four Fates throughout Hyrule. Three Fates can be found across Hyrule inside huts marked with the Crest of the Sheikah while one can be found upon a Game Over and in the Future World. Each Fate operates a shop where they offer to read fortunes for 10 Rupees.[2] In addition, the Fates found in the overworld as well as the Fate in the Future World will sell Health Potions and Stamina Potions for Rupees and Diamonds, respectively, provided the heroes have a Bottle.[3] Whenever a hero has fallen, they are taken to a Fate who will return them to Hyrule.[1] This Fate will also sell various equipment in exchange for Diamonds.[4]

Whenever the Fates read a hero's fortune, a waypoint will be added to the Map, pointing the heroes in the direction of their destiny. The power of the Fates has been waning since Octavo stole their Threads of Wisdom,[5] Courage,[6] and Power to construct his Golden Lute.[7] Consequently, the Fates have lost sense of the past and future and have been forced to move in a rhythm by the power of the Golden Lute.[8][9] Though their ability to see through time has been limited, one of the Fates is able to advise Cadence to travel 25 years into the future to stop Ganon in the Future World,[10] dismissing the span of time as insignificant. As they have had a significant amount of time to weave, they are capable of doing so with their eyes closed.[11]

Wares and Pricing

HutFuture WorldGame Over


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