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The Flame Lantern is an Item in The Minish Cap.[1]

Location and Uses

The Flame Lantern is found in the Temple of Droplets after Link defeats the Big Blue Chuchu. The Flame Lantern can be activated (and deactivated) by pressing the button to which it is assigned; it will immediately deactivate if Link falls into a body of water.

When activated, it lights up a moderate area around Link, allowing him to see in pitch-black rooms. If the Flame Lantern makes contact with small or medium-sized blocks of Ice, it will cause them to melt. Similarly, Fire from the Flame Lantern will burn away webs and Grass; setting a patch of Grass alight will cause Fire to spread to each adjacent patch (excluding diagonals). Destroying Grass in this manner prevents any Items from dropping, as opposed to cutting it down with a Sword. The Flame Lantern can also be used to transfer Fire to Torches.

When used on Gibdos, it will burn their bandages and turn them into Stalfos. All types of Wizzrobes will instantly die upon contact with the flames from the Flame Lantern. Spear Moblins and Bow Moblins also take damage from the Flame Lantern, and it is necessary to defeat the Big Octorok, whose flower-tipped tail is susceptible to Fire.


Names in Other Regions
炎のカンテラ (Honō no Kantera)[2]Same as English.
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