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The Flight Control Platform is an island in The Wind Waker.[1] It is a small wooden structure east of Dragon Roost Island where the Bird-Man Contest minigame is hosted.[2]

Features and Overview

Fishman's Commenthide ▲
Fishman says:

To the west of here, over on Dragon Roost Island, you'll see all kinds of rocks. Big ones, little ones...you get the picture.

Anyway, they say that long ago, there used to be treasure hidden inside those things.

Who knows? There may still be some left, so you should open your eyes and take a good look around...from as high-up as the sun to as low-down as your toes!

Tingle's Commenthide ▲
Tingle says:

Flight Control Platform

The Rito people have always held contests in that area.

The Flight Control Platform is operated by Willi and Obli, a pair of human siblings dressed as Ritos.[3][4] On the first level of the Flight Control Platform, Old Man Ho Ho can be found staring at the distant banner.[5]

A Submarine can be found southwest of the Flight Control Platform. To open the Treasure Chest at the end of the Submarine, Link must press the step switch inside, spawning enemies that he must then defeat. Within the chest is the Platform Chart, showing the locations of all the Lookout Platforms. In addition, after collecting and opening the Treasure Chart guarded in the Four-Eye Reef, Link can retrieve the Island Hearts Chart.

Bird-Man Contest

Main article: Bird-Man Contest

The brothers that control the Flight Control Platform challenge Link to a minigame, the Bird-Man Contest. Using the Deku Leaf as well as the Updrafts present in the sea, Link must fly across a long stretch of sea past a goal post. If the goal is reached, the Bird-Man Contest yields a Piece of Heart as the prize. Willi also tells Link how far he flew, with the goal post being 250 yards from the Flight Control Platform.[6]

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • If Link gives a Letter to the Postbox on the island, it will state that it is "quite far" from Dragon Roost Island and charge the maximum postage fee of 20 Rupees.[7] This is in spite of the fact that Flight Control Platform is adjacent to Dragon Roost Island. Nearly every other Postbox in the northern half of the Great Sea — from Pawprint Isle to Tingle Island — charges the minimum 5-Rupee postage and states that it is near Dragon Roost Island.[8]


Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Tour de l'Envol (TWW)[10] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Flugplatz (TWW)[11] 
The Italian Republic
Piattaforma di Volo (TWW)[9]Flight Platform
The Kingdom of Spain
Andamio de vuelo (TWW)[12] 
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