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The Flute Boy is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2]


A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, the Flute Boy's father can be found in the tavern in Kakariko Village. He tells Link that his son went off in search of the Golden Power and never returned.[3] When Link visits the Kakariko Village Inn, he is told by the Innkeeper how the Flute Boy had a pet bird who flew with him everywhere and how they went to Death Mountain but never returned.[4] Link sees an apparition of the boy playing the Flute for the woodland animals of the Haunted Grove in the Light World, but the apparition disappears as Link approaches. This happens every time Link enters the Haunted Grove prior to finding the Flute.

Later on, when Link enters the Dark World equivalent of the Haunted Grove, he finds the Flute Boy transformed into a strange creature as a result of the Golden Power's effects.[5] The Flute Boy tells Link that he buried his Flute with some flower seeds in the Light World's Haunted Grove, asking him to search for it. When Link agrees to his request, the Flute Boy then gives him the Shovel so Link can dig it up. After Link finds the Flute and brings it back to him in the Dark World, the Flute Boy says he cannot play it anymore.[6] He then asks Link to give it to his father.[7] He finally requests Link to play the Flute so he can hear it one last time.[8] After Link plays the Flute, the boy petrifies into a tree and his apparitions cease to exist in the Light World.

When Link brings the Flute to the Flute Boy's father, the man understands what has happened to his son and asks Link to keep it. He asks Link to play the Flute in front of the Weathercock in the center of Kakariko Village. When Link proceeds to comply with his request, the Flute Boy's pet bird breaks out of the Weathercock and flies off. Whenever Link plays the Flute in the Light World overworld from that point forward, the pet duck can transport him to one of eight locations. The Flute is required to reach Misery Mire.

During the game's ending, the Flute Boy is shown back in his normal form reunited with his father and playing again for the forest creatures in the Haunted Grove.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, the Flute Boy is a resident of the Kakariko Village Milk Bar. One of the Milk Bar Musicians, he refuses to speak to strangers,[1] but is willing to play various Songs for Link with his flute for a fee of 10 Rupees.[9]


  • In A Link to the Past, the flute that the Flute Boy plays is actually an Ocarina.
  • Gulley's visual design is based on the Flute Boy from A Link to the Past.


Names in Other Regions
オカリナ少年 (Okarina Shōnen) (ALttP)[12]Ocarina Boy
Petit flûtiste (ALBW) 
The French Republic
  • Flûtiste (ALttP)[14]
  • Petit flûtiste (ALBW)
  • Flutist
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Flötenjunge (ALttP)[13]
  • Flötenspieler (ALBW)
The Italian Republic
  • Ragazzo con ocarina (ALttP)[11]
  • Pifferaio (ALBW)[10]
  • Boy with ocarina
  • Flute player
Latin America
Niño flautista (ALBW) 
The Kingdom of Spain
Niño flautista (ALBW) 
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