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Force Gems are recurring Items and Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses

Force Gems appear as triangular bipyramid-shaped jewels that are found in a variety of sizes and colors. Their roles greatly vary between games. They are said to be physical manifestations of the Force, the sacred power that dwells in every living being.[2][3]

Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, the Links need to collect 2,000 Force Gems in a given Level to empower the Four Sword, which has lost its power because of Vaati's magic.[4] Once empowered, it can break Vaati's Dark Barrier at the end of each Level.[5][6] Often, Levels will have an area that gives the Links an opportunity to get many Force Gems at once; usually, this involves defeating many Enemies. Doing this without taking damage awards combo points, which will cause more Force Gems to fall from the defeated the Enemies.[7] In some cases, the Force Gems are used as currency.[8] Sometimes, if big Force Gems are lying around, Tingle will appear and attempt to take them before Link can reach them; Link can throw things at him to deter him.[citation needed]

Force Gems appear throughout each Level, found on Enemies, under Rocks, frozen in Ice, and more.[9] Like Rupees in most games in the series, their size and color determine their value.

Types of Force Gem
Force Gem Value Force Gem Value Force Gem Value

Small Green
Big Green
Giant Green

Small Blue
Big Blue
Giant Blue

Small Red
Big Red
Giant Red

Small Purple
Big Purple
Giant Purple

Rare Force Gems

A Force Soldier
A Force Soldier
  • Color alternating Force Gem: Its value depends on which color it is when obtained.
  • Force Soldier: A large green Force Gem with a sword and legs. If Link destroys it, it will become a big green Force Gem. However, if Link does not defeat it in time and it self destructs, its value will be reduced to one Force Gem.

Force Gem Thieves

  • Hinoxes will shake great amounts of Force Gems from Link while he is in their grasp.
  • Wizzrobes can continuously suck Force Gems from Link while dodging him at great ease and speed.
  • Force Likes will suck Force Gems from Link.
  • When Link takes significant damage, Force Gems will fall from him.

Phantom Hourglass

Link placing Force Gems on pedestals

In Phantom Hourglass, Force Gems are gold-colored objects found in the Temple of the Ocean King. Three of them must be placed on pedestals inside a Safe Zone in order to create a Triforce symbol that unlocks a door to the next floor. Just like with a Boss Key, carrying a Force Gem slows Link down and prevents him from attacking or defending himself.[10]

Force Gems are used on floor B3, where each one is found inside a Treasure Chest, and on floor B12, where one Force Gem is carried by a Phantom that patrols the room, while the other two are found in Treasure Chests that cause new Phantoms to appear when opened. Additionally on the latter floor, placing a Force Gem on its pedestal causes a Wizzrobe to spawn.

On floors B7 and B8, the Square, Round, and Triangle Crystals play the same role as the Force Gems, though they must all be carried to a Safe Zone on Floor B9. At one point in the game, Oshus explains that the Sands of Hours are made of Force Gems.[11]

Battle Mode

The goal of Battle Mode is for each of the Links to collect as many of the Force Gems spread around the field as possible. Small Force Gems are worth one point, regular-sized Force Gems are worth five points, and large Force Gems are worth 15 points; the larger a Force Gem, the heavier it is to carry. The colors of the Force Gems are also changed during gameplay; carrying one into a red or blue Safe Zone will change its color respectively and add its value to that Link's score. Neutral Safe Zones will turn red or blue Force Gems back to gold and subtract their values from the scores.

Spirit Tracks

The Force Gem of the Forest Temple

Force Gems are integral to the plot of Spirit Tracks. They appear above a Goddess Crest-like arch as the symbol of the Spirits of Good, which is seen in numerous places throughout New Hyrule; notably, on the Engine of the Spirit Train, on the Lokomo' vehicles, on the completed Rail Map, and atop the Tower of Spirits. The Shield is studded with an ornamental Force Gem, and the Lokomo Sword has one in its pommel. One of each pair of Spacetime Gates is adorned with a Force Gem that changes from green to gold when shot with the Cannon, thereby activating that pair.

Anjean producing a Force Gem

When each of the Bosses of the Forest, Snow, Ocean, and Fire Temples are defeated, in their wake appears a large Force Gem, colored green, white, blue, and red respectively. A mechanical pedestal rises then out of the ground and the Force Gem lowers onto it, creating a seal that re-energizes the Spirit Tracks leading back to the Tower of Spirits and restores a portion of the broken tower, strengthening the bond that imprisons the Demon King, Malladus.[12]

The Spirit Tracks created by Anjean's Force Gem

As Items, gold-colored Force Gems appear when Link helps certain characters.[13] The energy in a person's heart is said to be similar to that which powers the Spirit Tracks, and when that person is very happy or grateful, their energy rises and produces a Force Gem, which restores yet more of the Spirit Tracks.[14] These new sections of tracks create shortcuts that ease travel aboard the Spirit Train, and grant access to new Stations, Rabbits, and Spacetime Gates.

There are 21 Force Gems for Link to collect by transporting Passengers or Cargo from one location to another; all but three are optional. The first Force Gem is given by Carben after Link drives him from Papuchia Village to the Ocean Sanctuary, defending him from an onslaught of Pirates along the way.[15] Force Gem 5 must also be collected by driving Noko of the Anouki to the Wellspring Station, as this allows him to make the Mega Ice that Link requires during his adventure. After the Fire Temple is completed, Anjean gives Link and Princess Zelda a special unnumbered Force Gem,[16] which reveals the Spirit Tracks of the Sand Realm,[17] as thanks for all they have done for the kingdom.[3]

List of Force Gems

Number[note 1] Giver Event Origin Destination Realm Affected New Access Prerequisites
Force Gem 1 Carben Passenger Papuchia Village Ocean Sanctuary 1Forest Realm Warp Gate B
Grass Rabbit 4
Force Gem 2 Orca Passenger: Dovok Whittleton Papuchia Village 1Forest Realm Grass Rabbits 5 and 6 Complete the Ocean Temple
Force Gem 3 Mona Passenger Castle Town Rabbitland Rescue 1Forest Realm Grass Rabbits 8 and 9 Complete the Ocean Temple
Force Gem 4 Joe Passenger Aboda Village Beedle's Airshop 1Forest Realm Shortcut between Castle Town and Forest Temple Complete the Ocean Temple
Force Gem 5 Noko Passenger Anouki Village Wellspring Station 2Snow Realm Warp Gate C
Eastern link to Forest Realm
Perform Song of Restoration with Carben
Force Gem 6 Goron (near rail platform) Passenger Goron Village Anouki Village 2Snow Realm Warp Gate D
Snow Rabbits 8 and 9
Complete the Fire Temple
Force Gem 7 Kofu Passenger Anouki Village Goron Village 2Snow Realm Northern link to Fire Realm Obtain Force Gem 6
Force Gem 8 Goron (from eastern home) Cargo: (10) Wellspring Station Goron Village 4Fire Realm Warp Gate F
Desert Rabbit 1
Western link to Ocean Realm through Sand Realm
Clear the Lava Geysers in Goron Village
Force Gem 9 Mash Cargo: (5) Goron Village Whittleton 1Forest Realm Shortcut from Forest Temple to Warp Gate A in Snow Realm Clear the Lava Geysers in Goron Village
Force Gem 10 Yeko Cargo: (15)
Passenger: Kenzo
Whittleton (for Lumber)
Trading Post (for Kenzo)
Anouki Village 2Snow Realm Snowdrift Station
Snow Rabbit 10
Obtain a Freight Car [note 2]
Force Gem 11 Ferrus Passenger Snow Realm tracks near Snow Temple Aboda Village 1Forest Realm Shortcut from Castle Town to Bridge Worker's Home in Snow Realm Clear the Lava Geysers in Goron Village
Force Gem 12 Lucia Cargo: (10) Papuchia Village Hyrule Castle Town 1Forest Realm Grass Rabbit 10
Ocean Rabbit 8
Link to Ocean Realm[note 3]
Obtain a Freight Car
Force Gem 13 Harry Cargo: (10) Castle Town Aboda Village 1Forest Realm Warp Gate E Obtain a Freight Car
Force Gem 14 Steem Cargo: Papuchia Village Snow Sanctuary 2Snow Realm Slippery Station Obtain a Freight Car
Force Gem 15 Goron Child Passenger Goron Village Hyrule Castle Town 4Fire Realm Disorientation Station
Mountain Rabbit 9
Complete the Fire Temple
Force Gem 16 Niboshi Cargo: (10) Wellspring Station Papuchia Village 3Ocean Realm Pirate Hideout
Shortcut from Pirate Hideout to Forest Realm via tracks from Force Gem 12
Complete the Fire Temple
Force Gem 17 Wadatsumi Passenger Pirate Hideout Papuchia Village 3Ocean Realm Warp Gate G
Ocean Rabbit 9
Shortcut between Ocean Sanctuary and Ocean Floor
Shortcut between Pirate Hideout and Ocean Floor
Obtain Force Gem 16
Force Gem 18 Ferrus Passenger Fire Realm tracks next to Fire Temple Ocean Temple 4Fire Realm Dark Ore Mine
Eastern link to Sand Realm
Obtain Force Gem 11
Complete the Sand Temple, then enter the Tower of Spirits
Force Gem 19 Linebeck III Cargo: (5) Dark Ore Mine Trading Post 3Ocean Realm Lost at Sea Station
Ocean Rabbit 10
Obtain Force Gem 18
Force Gem 20 Rael Cargo: (5) Castle Town Sand Sanctuary 5Sand Realm Ends of the Earth Station
Mountain Rabbit 10
Obtain the Sand Wand

Battle Mode

Main article: Battle Mode

Battle Mode has players (as the Links) collecting as many Force Gems as they can within a time limit.



Names in Other Regions
フォース (Fōsu) (PH)[22]Force
Joyau de force (ST)[26] 
The French Republic
Gemme de force (ST)[24] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Force-Kristall (ST)[23] 
The Italian Republic
  • Gemma Forza (FSA)[20]
  • Gemma della Forza (ST)[21]
  • Same as English.
Latin America
Gema de la fuerza (ST)[25] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Fortianita (ST)[27] 
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  2. Kenzo can be transported after performing the Song of Restoration with Carben.
  3. The tracks added by Force Gem 12 lead to a dead-end in the Ocean Realm that links up to the tracks from Force Gem 16.


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