Forsaken Fortress (Stage)

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Forsaken Fortress

Era Era of the Great Sea
Main Theme Music
A New Disturbance
Playable Character(s) Link
Boss Boss Blin
Main Item Hammer

The Forsaken Fortress is a Stage in Hyrule Warriors Legends.[name references needed] It contains the Scenario "A New Disturbance" in Legend Mode.

Features and Overview

The Forsaken Fortress Stage merges the Forsaken Fortress, Windfall Island, Star Island, Dragon Roost Island, and a Great Fairy island from The Wind Waker.


A New Disturbance

While in the Valley of Seers, Lana was examining a fragment of darkness in her search for Cia until she was ambushed by an unknown force of darkness that has caused another rift merge between Eras and Dimensions. Impa summoned Link to Hyrule Castle and have asked him to investigate the new phenomena. Once arrived, Link found Tetra fighting off monsters that were coming from the Forsaken Fortress and had soon joined Forces with her. [1]

However, no one was able to make it to the Fortress as paths were being blocked by Stone Heads that regular Bombs could not break. To find away to destroy them, Link and Tetra must reclaim the Bomb Shop Keep in Windfall. Once claimed, the south gates will open, revealing a Treasure Chest that contains the Hammer item. During the confusion, however, a Giant Bird has appeared and started attacking the Monster Forces. The Boss Blin wishes to drive the bird out of the Fortress for more territory as well as sending a force to advance onto Windfall Island. The Hyrulean Forces set out to deal with Big Blins coming from the East while the Heroes were asked to deal with the ones in the center of the Map.

Once the Heroes enters the path opened in the Bomb Shop, the doors will close again trapping the Hero. Once obtaining the Hammer from the chest, the hero can then hammer down the switch behind the chest to open the doors again to run free. The Boss Blin then opens the Keep doors from the Forsaken Fortress and sent out Ruffians to attack Windfall Island after temporary driving away the Great Bird. The Giant Bird, who Tetra later reveals it's name is the Helmaroc King, flies its way to one of Windfall Island's Keeps and started attacking Hyrulean soldiers, looking for a new Keep to roost. As a side quest, the Heroes must drive away the Helmaroc King before it can claim a Keep. Once drove off as well as defeating the Big Blins, the heroes focus on advancing to the Fortress. Soon finding switches right next to a Cannon Ship, a hero can pound the switch with their newly acquired hammer item which fires the cannon at the Stone Head, completely destroying it.

With a path cleared, Hyrulean Forces eagerly advance their way to the Forsaken Fortress keeps. If the Heroes destroy all the stone heads, more Hyrulean Forces will advance. Claiming the outer layered keeps in the fortress will eventually suppress the amount of monster attacks to the town and open the doors to further advance inside the fortress. Along the way, the heroes will encounter Chuchus which cannot be defeated by normal means of attacks. The Heroes can defeat them by using the Hammer on them or using a Special Attack. Once claiming the keeps, The Boss Blin will a Gohma attack the allied base. Once defeating Gohma, the Boss Blin will encourage more forces to attack. Meanwhile the Helmaroc King will make a final appearance in the Windfall island town square. Annoyed, Tetra wishes to stop the giant bird immediately. Once fought, the Helmaroc King will fully flee from the battlefield.

Once all the Forsaken Fortress' keeps are taken, the Monster reinforcements will have stopped completely and have force the Enemy Base to open to face off against the Boss blin. When defeated, the Mission will have been won and the monster will have all retreated. However, Tetra will have searched out for the Helmaroc King on her own. Wondering where she was, Link looked up to the sky and see that the Helmaroc King flying off into the distances carrying away Tetra, and so dashed off after the Giant bird to save her.


Hyrulean Forces Monster Forces Great Bird's Forces

Hylian Captains

Big Blins

Hylian Soldiers


Stalchild Captains

Miniblin Captains

Green Chuchus

Red Chuchus

Yellow Chuchus


Boss Blin

Helmaroc King




Item Location Condition

Gold Skulltula
Behind a cracked wall in a dead end north of Dragon Roost Keep. Defeat 1000 enemies.

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Behind a wall of vines to the northeast of the Enemy Base. As Link equipped with the Magic Rod, destroy all stone heads and defeat Gohma before the Allied Base is in danger.

Piece of Heart
Star Island Keep. Play as Link, capture the Star Island Keep.

Heart Container
Beneath a boulder in a tunnel north of Star Island Keep. Play as Tetra.


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  1. "Though peace was expected to return to Hyrule after Ganon's fall, something rather ominous happened instead. A new world appeared--a world of a different dimension. Impa had summoned Link to Hyrule Castle. She asked him to investigate this strange happening. Once the preparations for his adventure were complete, Link set off. He entered this strange new world. It was a vast, mysterious dimension with an unfamiliar landscape. There he met a girl who was battling monsters. Her name was Tetra. She was the leader of a gang of pirates. But she had become separated from her crew during the recent dimensional event. Though strangers, the two could agree on one thing: the monsters Tetra was battling had to be defeated. They joined forces to take on the enemy." — N/A (Hyrule Warriors Legends)