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Fyrus is the Boss of the Goron Mines in Twilight Princess.[1] Fyrus contains the second piece of the Fused Shadow.


After an increase of volcanic activity in Death Mountain, Darbus, the patriarch of the Gorons, went into the Goron Mines to investigate the cause. The second piece of the Fused Shadow, which was entrusted to the Gorons by the Light Spirits, was kept safe deep in the mines. The Fused Shadow took over Darbus' body and transformed him into Fyrus.[2] Due to his ferocity and destructive tendencies, the Goron elders locked him away deep inside the Goron Mines.[3]


Physical Appearance

Fyrus is a bipedal, humanoid monster. He has a dark body, large feet, and large hands with pointed fingertips. When Link first enters the chamber, Fyrus' body is completely opaque. When enraged, he envelops his body in flames and his skin appears charred. Fyrus' body flames go out only when he is vulnerable on the ground, during his Critical Point. Fyrus has a long, metallic-looking headdress as well, with a large eye-like gem in the center of his forehead. The headdress is ornately decorated with grooves and symbols. At the base of the headress, Fyrus has several small teeth. He has several small fangs and two long, boar-like mandibles on his lower jaw, as well. Fyrus is also significantly taller, darker, and lankier than Darbus.

Mannerisms and Weak Points

Fyrus is aggressive in his battle with Link. When agitated, he screams loudly and repeatedly. Fyrus uses the chains that are attached to his wrists as whips and swipes at Link when he is nearby. Fyrus can make a circular wave of fire on the ground and blasts Link with fire from his mouth. Fyrus has difficulty walking on the magnetized floor in the room due to the large, metallic shackles on his ankles. The gem on his forehead is his weak spot. After Link shoots the gem with an Arrow, Fyrus recoils, covers the gem with his hands, and stomps around the chamber. Fyrus also appears to be heavy; the ground shakes when he falls over.


Midna's Commentshide ▲
Midna says:

The fact that it could change a Goron into a beast like this proves that the power was forbidden for a reason...

show more...

Hey! Did you see his forehead? I'm sensing some powerful magic coming out of that shining spot on his forehead...

Can't you use those chains around his ankle to stop him from moving around? He's all out of sorts! Now's your chance!

As soon as he collapses, you've got to go for his crystal eye!

Defeating something that big and burly isn't going to be easy. There you go! Keep doing that and then keep attacking that eye on his forehead!

When Link enters Fyrus's chamber, Fyrus is chained to the ceiling and floor with large shackles and long chains. He detects Link and the gem on his forehead lights up. Fyrus ignites, breaks free from the ceiling and floor, and lets out a loud scream. He chases Link around the room and attacks him with physical and fire-based attacks. Link shoots his gem with an Arrow from the Hero's Bow. Link equips the Iron Boots and grabs and pulls the end of one the chains bound to Fyrus' ankles. Fyrus falls over, which queues a Critical Point. Link attacks the gem with his Sword. Fyrus recovers and Link repeats this process two more times. In defeat, Fyrus stands back up, wails, and thrashes around the room. The gem on his forehead shines brightly. Fyrus covers the gem with his hands. After one last full-body stretch, the essence of Fused Shadow explodes from his body.

After defeating Fyrus, Link receives a Heart Container and the second piece of the Fused Shadow.

Unlike Diababa and Morpheel, the Fused Shadow appears to have only possessed and transfigured Darbus. Darbus appears confused[4] in the middle of the chamber, after the Fused Shadow leaves his body.


Fyrus's name is a portmanteau of fire and Darbus.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 覚醒火炎獣 マグドフレイモス (Kakusei Kaenjū Magudofureimosu) Awoken Flame Beast: Magdoflamoth
French-speaking countries French Magmaudit, Créature pyrogène du Crépuscule Magmaudit, Pyrogen Creature of Twilight
Canada FrenchCA Magdoflamoth
Germany German Flammende Bestie: Flammatron Flaming Beast: Flammatron
Italy Italian Pyrus, il vulcano del crepuscolo Pyrus, the Volcano of Twilight
Korea Korean 각성화염마 마그파이러스 (Gakseong Hwayeom'ma Mageupaireoseu) Awakened Flame Demon: Magpyrus
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Pyrus, Demonio Ígneo de las Sombras Pyrus, Igneous Demon of the Shadows


  • Fyrus is the first and only boss in Twilight Princess to have a single phase in the battle. All others have two or more distinct phases.
  • If Link hides behind a pillar in the arena before Fyrus recovers, Fyrus will look around the arena to try and find Link. This will continue until Fyrus spots Link.



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