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Ganon's Fury is a mode in Hyrule Warriors.[1]


Ganon's Fury is an additional part of Challenge Mode made available in the Boss Pack DLC. This mode features the dark beast Ganon as a playable character, and is the only mode where he is playable. Ganon appears as a giant beast and fights hordes of smaller enemies as well as Giant Bosses. Like Warrior characters, Ganon is able to perform attack combinations, as well as execute Special Attacks and Focus Spirit, and level up. As in Boss Challenge, Ganon's Fury features several battle scenario types of varying challenges. Battles are ranked in difficulty in Levels and more battles may be unlocked by completing previous ones in certain ranks. Like Battle Challenge and Boss Challenge, a score is also kept after winning each battle. Ganon's Fury also rewards in new Costumes after winning certain battles with an A-Rank.

Ganon's Fury features three types of battles:

  • Defeat [number of] enemies!: Ganon is tasked with defeating an enormous number of enemies. This type of battle is not strictly timed.
  • Giant Battle: Ganon must defeat the "Lords of the Horde", a number of Giant Bosses that control the battle field.
  • Survival Battle: Assassins target Ganon and must be defeated in waves same as it was in Boss Challenge. Healing is also once again limited.

Ganon's Fury also features a new Giant Boss exclusive to this mode: the Great Fairy. The Great Fairy shares her moveset with Link's Great Fairy Weapon, only with the absence of Link and the Bottle she carries him in. The Great Fairy has the potential to restore the lost health of other Giant Bosses.


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