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Gaspra is a character in Zelda's Adventure.[2] He is a court astronomer who summons Princess Zelda into Tolemac as his chosen warrior to combat Ganon and rescue Link.


Gaspra is an old and wise astronomer who lives in a tall tower atop a mountain, presumably in Tolemac. He owns a magic crystal, with which he can observe people and distant lands. Many years ago, Shurmak had sent him a scroll warning him that Ganon had captured Link and stolen the seven Celestial Signs from Tolemac.[3] Upon reading the news, Gaspra looks for a brave warrior who can retrieve the Celestial Signs and rescue Link, and summons Princess Zelda as his chosen champion.[4] He gives her a magic pendant and bids her good luck.

Like Shurmak, Gaspra also gives Zelda guidance on exploring Tolemac. After clearing a shrine and finding its Celestial Sign, he gives her advice and encouragement from his tower on where she should go next. He encourages Zelda a final time when Ganon stops her from taking the final Celestial Sign, leading to their confrontation. After Zelda defeats Ganon and rescues Link, Gaspra congratulates her on saving Tolemac and returning light to the land, but also reminds her to stay kind and merciful.[5]

According to a woman in the Vendoss swamp, there is some envy between Gaspra and Shurmak.[6]



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