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This article is for the enemy from Majora's Mask. For other uses, see Ghost (Disambiguation).

Ghosts,[1] also known as They,[1] and Them,[1] are enemies in Majora's Mask. They invade Romani Ranch on the night of the First Day with the purpose of abducting the Ranch's Cows.


The Ghosts, according to Romani, are the rather strange spirits that come to invade the barn of Romani Ranch to abduct their rare, precious Romani-bred Cows,[2] which were inherited from her father.[3] They resemble ghostly, glowing aliens, and are quite similar to Poes in appearance. According to Romani, they come at night every year when the Carnival of Time approaches.[4] They disappear at first light, just before dawn.[5] If Link fails to save the Cows on the first night, they will abduct Romani and the Cows, leaving Cremia, Romani's sister, saddened.[6] On the Second Day, the Ghosts will return Romani with all her memories of their existence removed.[7] For the rest of the day, Romani will remain catatonic and occasionally thrash and grasp her head.

Link must defend the ranch from the Ghosts with the use of his Bow. The Ghosts will spawn from several locations as they slowly move towards the barn, with some approaching it from behind as well. They are defeated with a single Arrow shot, though many more will spawn until the night's end. The locations of the Ghosts will appear on Link's map if bought from Tingle, which are represented by moving white dots, allowing the map to function as a radar. In addition, a Dog near the barn will also run towards and bark at whichever Ghost is the closest to the barn, making prioritizing targets fairly easy. Link can also fire Arrows at them while riding Epona as well.

As the Ghosts can only be killed with Arrows, there is a danger that Link may run out of Arrows and fail the quest. Link can obtain more Arrows dropped by smashing crates, breaking bushes (including running over them with Epona), defeating Ghosts, or using Bugs on the burrow on the wall. It is suggested to use the "Inverted Song of Time" to slow time and the Ghosts, as their movements are directly related to the current in-game time. However, by slowing time, the engagement also becomes longer, requiring more Arrows.[8] Besides Epona, the Bunny Hood can also be used to increase mobility.

In Majora's Mask 3D, a small sketch of the Ghosts can be seen in a corner of Cremia and Romani's room, showing Romani's plan of attack.


  • The design of the Ghosts closely resemble the description of the Flatwoods Monster, an alleged extraterrestrial. The Ghosts abducting Romani Ranch's Cows is based on the stereotypical depiction of aliens abducting livestock to conduct experiments. The light used to carry the Cows and Romani away also appears to be based on the tractor beams commonly depicted with UFOs. The official Majora's Mask strategy guide by Nintendo Power also occasionally calls them "aliens".[8]


Names in Other Regions
オバケ (Obake) (MM)[12]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
  • Them
  • Alien
  • Those
  • Ghost
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Other Names

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