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Forces are army faction groups in Hyrule Warriors.[name references needed]


Each Force is tasked with combating the advances of enemy Forces, mainly by fighting and taking over Keeps and Outposts to increase their numbers. Their ultimate goal can vary based on the mission, but usually a Force will become victorious upon defeating a crucial enemy Warrior (or another boss) or by taking over the Enemy Base. In a general sense, a Force allied with the player Warrior is referred to as an Allied Force, whereas an opposing Force is referred to as an Enemy Force.

There are several known Forces, the major ones being the Hyrulean Forces and the Dark Forces. There are also third armies that may participate in a battle, referred to as Rogue Forces (Other Forces in the PAL release), which attack both sides and may sometimes be recruited.

The representing colors of each Force is dependent on which army is played during a battle. An Allied Force is marked by the color blue, and will appear as such on the map, as well as having their infantry's health bars and conquered Keeps retain a blue color. An Enemy Force on the other hand will be colored red, whereas a Rogue Force will be yellow.

Hyrulean Forces

The Hyrulean Forces, also known as the Hyrulean Army,[1] are the allied army of the Kingdom of Hyrule, and fight to defend the kingdom and surrounding regions from the advancement of enemy Forces. The Hyrulean Forces fight against Cia's Dark Forces, and later Ganondorf's Forces, who both wage war onto the kingdom in an attempt to conquer it. The Hyrulean Forces also come to the aid of faithful allies as well. The Force is led by Princess Zelda, and Impa in her absence. In certain Legend Mode Scenarios, Princess Ruto will take command when playing as Zelda. In "Enduring Resolve", Proxi (speaking on behalf of Link) leads when playing as Zelda or Sheik.

The Hyrulean Force troops originally consisted of trained Hylian Soldiers from the army, but quickly absorb the Gorons after Cia's army chases them to Hyrule Castle. Other allies eventually also join their cause; including Lana and her Resistance fighters, Darunia, Midna, and Fi, among others.

Notable members

Dark Forces

The Dark Forces

The Dark Forces are the allied army under command of Cia that fight in the war waged to conquer Hyrule. They are the primary antagonist Force the Hyrulean Forces first face, though they are also sometimes the enemy of certain Rogue Forces as well. The Force is primarily led by Cia, though Wizzro and Volga sometimes direct the Force in her stead.

In the Cia's Tale Scenarios of the Master Quest DLC Pack, the Dark Forces are primarily concerned with building their army. In "The Dragon of the Caves" Cia goes to the Eldin Caves to enlist Volga as her general, as well as enlisting Wizzro after finding his ring and summoning him. Later, she impresses Zant and Ghirahim into her service as well. During "Darkness Falls", Lana arrives and temporarily allies with Cia's Force to help her defeat Ganondorf.

Initially, the Dark Force troops consist only of Bokoblins and Big Poes in "The Dragon of the Caves", but Cia quickly subdues undead forces and Volga's dragon and Bulblin forces before commencing her main attack on Hyrule; eventually, her diverse army includes Bokoblins, Bulblins, Stalchildren, Moblin, Lizalfos, Dinolfos, Aeralfos, Big Poes, Gibdos, and Darknut. Later, she begins losing hold of the undead forces, most of which defect to Ganondorf's service upon his resurrection; several of their Darknut leaders end imprisoned in Gerudo Desert by the other monsters.[citation needed] After her death, her other Forces return to their homes, until Ganondorf forces them into his own growing army. The exact kinds of Dark Force troops encountered vary by stage and Scenario.

Notable members

Goron Forces

The Goron Forces is the army led by the Gorons. They come to the aid of the Hyrulean Forces and join in them several battles. In the era of the Hero of Time during "Land of Myth", the army is led by Darunia, and are responsible for defending their home of Death Mountain. Having been tricked by Wizzro under the disguise of a fake Princess Zelda, Darunia had kidnapped Princess Ruto and held her captive at the mountain. His army faces the Hyrulean Forces who come to rescue her, but merge with the Hyruleans once he is defeated and the truth is revealed.

In Cia's Tale, the Goron Forces again appear in "The Dragon of the Caves". They are responsible for guarding a ring in the caverns containing Wizzro.[2] Suspecting that Cia has come to awaken Wizzro, they try to keep her from his ring, but fail when the sorceress finds it and summons Wizzro. They continue to combat the Dark Forces while Cia fights Volga's Forces. In "The Invasion Begins", Cia's army chases them and the Fairies into Hyrule Field, where the larger Hyrulean army comes to their aid.

Notable members

Zelda's Forces

Zelda's Forces is the army that Wizzro, under the disguise of Princess Zelda, leads in "The Water Temple". Wizzro's Troops consist of Stalchildren, Lizalfos, Big Poes, andKing Dodongo. His army tries to stop Impa, Sheik, Darunia and Princess Ruto from closing the Gate of Souls in Lake Hylia's temple. Using his disguise, Wizzro is able to talk down the Hyrulean Forces to lower their Morale. Impa and Sheik eventually reach him and, after defeating him, unveil his disguise using the temple's Lens of Truth.

Notable members

  • Wizzro (In disguise as Princess Zelda)

Zant's Forces

Zant's Forces is the army that Zant leads in "The Shadow King". Zant's Forces are composed of Bulblins, Fiery Aeralfos, ReDead Knights, and Argorok, his army tries to stop Midna and Lana from closing the palace's Gate of Souls. Throughout the battle he enlists the aid of Argorok to attack the Hyrulean Forces' Base.

In Cia's Tale, Zant's Forces appear in "The Usurper King", fighting against Midna's Forces. Cia tries to persuade Zant to join her army and defeats Midna's Forces as an incentive, but Zant refuses and tries to escape by leaving his Forces to fight off Cia's army. He is defeated and is forced to join the Dark Forces.

Notable members

Ghirahim's Forces

Ghirahim's Forces is the army that Ghirahim leads in "Sealed Ambition". His army tries to stop Link and Fi from closing the Gate of Souls in the grounds' temple. After his defeat at Skyloft, Ghirahim had possessed several Skyloft Captains to follow his bidding,[3][4] and later unleashes them to attack the Hyrulean Forces at the Sealed Grounds. After they are defeated, he summons The Imprisoned to attack several key Keeps the Hyrulean Forces have conquered.

In Cia's Tale, Ghirahim's Forces appear in "The Demon Lord" fighting the Skyloft Forces. The Dark Forces become their enemy when Cia temporarily forms an alliance with Fi, but after Ghirahim is defeated, he willingly joins Cia after sensing a great power within her.[5] The combined Forces then turn on the Skyloft Forces and fight back.

Ghirahim's Forces are composed of Bokoblins, Stalchildren, Moblins, and Stalmasters. The Imprisoned and its Miniature versions of are also appear in Ghirahim's Forces in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Notable members

Skyloft Forces

The Skyloft Forces are an army made up of Skyloft residents. In "Land in the Sky", when the Hyrulean Forces arrive to close the Gate of Souls in the Era of the Sky, they find the Skyloft Forces fighting to defend their home territory from destruction by the Dark Forces, and come to their aid. After the Dark Forces' defeat, Ghirahim secretly possesses a few of its Captains and soldiers to obey him.[4] The Skyloft Forces then march to the Sealed Grounds in "Sealed Ambition" to aid the Hyrulean Forces in infiltrating the temple and closing its Gate of Souls. However Ghirahim springs his trap and turns the possessed Skyloft Captains and soldiers to attack the Hyrulean Forces. Several more Skyloft soldiers turn traitorous under Ghirahim's power. Their leader is eventually found and defeated, thus eliminating the threat of further treachery. In both battles, the Skyloft and Hyrulean Forces are allied under one Force.

In "The Demon Lord" in Cia's Tale, they are a Rogue Force led by Fi who fight against Ghirahim's Forces to reclaim their home, but are at a tremendous disadvantage and are quickly losing to The Imprisoned. They temporarily form an alliance with the Dark Forces after they come to their aid, however this is only a ruse by Cia and her generals, who are merely seeking to enlist Ghirahim into their army. After Ghirahim joins the Dark Forces, the Dark Forces then turn on and attack the Skyloft Forces and eventually defeat them.

Notable members

Ganondorf's Forces

Ganondorf's Forces is the army that Ganondorf leads. The army first appears as a Rogue Force in "A War of Spirit" when Ganondorf infiltrates the Temple of Souls in an attempt to take the Triforce pieces from Link, Zelda and Cia. His army reappears after Cia's defeat, when his final spiritual fragment is released from its hold by the earlier removal of the Master Sword.[6] Needing a larger army and requiring a stronghold before he can take the Triforce, Ganondorf summons Zant and Ghirahim and conquers the Monster Forces at the Gerudo Desert in "Ganondorf's Return". He is victorious, and then moves to take the Triforce and to conquer Hyrule, becoming the Hyrulean Forces' primary enemy. Zant and Ghirahim watch over the stronghold at the Gerudo Desert and command the troops there in Ganondorf's stead.

In Cia's Tale, Ganondorf's Forces appear in "Darkness Falls". Ganondorf attacks the valley in a second attempt to steal Cia's Triforce of Power, but is later defeated by Cia and Lana when she arrives to help her other half. During the battle he summons multiple Gohmas and a Manhandla to attack the Dark Forces. Wizzro temporarily joins his Force when he sees Ganondorf's vastly superior advantage, but he is later defeated and forcefully sealed back into his ring.

Initially, Ganon's forces initially are composed of just Stalchildren with Moblin Captains but he eventually comes to control the other monsters as well.

Notable members

Linkle Forces

in Linkle's Tale Linkle Forces is made up entirely out of the Cuccos that were raised in a small ranch at her Village. Special Cuccos act as Captains in Linkle army, The Special Cuccos come in three shades. There are White Cuccos, Brown Cuccos, and Golden Cuccos with each stronger than the last. In "The Girl in the Green Tunic" Linkle attempts to travel to Hyrule Castle to save it but become lost in Faron Woods, she meets Skull Kid and defeated him when he tried to steal her Compass. In The Demon Lord's Plan Linkle traveled to the Sealed Grounds to find Ghirahim attempting to free The Imprisoned, Linkle allies with Fi to stop him.

Notable members

Skull Kid's Forces

Skull Kid's Forces makes a single appears in Linkle's Tale "The Girl in the Green Tunic", where in Skull Kid tries to the steal the Linkle's Compass away from her. Skull Kid's Forces are made up entirely of undead monsters, with Stalchildren as Troops with Big Poe Captains. The Skull Kid's Forces strategy is for Skull Kid to teleport between Bases, and to summon monster to attack the enemy Stronghold.

Notable members

Monster Forces

The Monster Forces is an army made entirely of monsters. They first appear in "Ganondorf's Return", where they are stationed at the Gerudo Desert. Ganondorf faces them to take over their stronghold so he can build a stronger army. The Monster Forces' commanders are a Gohma and Manhandla pair, although a Lizalfos and Aeralfos also appear to lead the army in their absence. Bulblins are the basic infantry. The Monster Forces also summon a King Dodongo to attack Ganondorf's Forces.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, they appear again in "A New Disturbance". The Monster Forces recuperate under the Boss Blin and begin regathering territory while feuding with the Kingdom of Hyrule and the Helmaroc King. They are eventually defeated by the Hyrulean Forces, causing Boss Blin and his Forces to flee. The Monster Forces under the Boss Blin's command are composed of Miniblins and Big Blins with a Gohma commander.

Rogue Forces

Rogue Forces (Other Forces in the PAL release) are a third army that all playable Forces may face. They only appear in certain Scenarios and Adventure Mode Battles, and may arrive during a battle or be stationed at the beginning of one. Rogue Forces are commonly a second enemy Force, and although they generally have a "preferred" target, they will defend themselves from both the Allied and Enemy Forces simultaneously. Rogue Forces are identified with having a yellow color marker; their health bars and the Keeps they conquer will appear yellow. Rogue Force leaders and objectives depend on the individual Force.

Rogue Forces often appear in certain Battle squares in Adventure Mode, where both their commander and another army's commander may have to be defeated to win the Battle. In other Battle squares, they may instead be recruited. They are simply referred to as Rogue Forces in this case.

Cuccos are a common Rogue Force. For various reasons, a Golden Cucco may become enraged, leading it to summon Cucco reinforcements to seek territory or take revenge. Usually this occurs when a Cucco is attacked relentlessly, or when a Cucco requires a task that is not fulfilled in time. The Cucco force will actively follow the first player Warrior at high speed, and may even take Keeps in certain stages. In Legend Mode however, the Cucco force will solely focus their efforts on attacking the Warrior character who attacked them. In some Adventure Mode Battles, it is possible to placate and ally with the Cuccos instead, allowing their strength to be used against the enemy.

Notable Rogue Forces

  • Midna's Forces is a Rogue Force led by Midna in "Land of Twilight". Her Force is made up of Stalchildren and Darknuts. Their main objective is to seek and combat the Dark Forces, as revenge against Cia for having turned Midna into an imp. After Cia retreats from the battle, Midna's Forces then refocus their attention and fight the Hyrulean Forces, thinking they are allied with the Dark Forces.[7] Midna joins the Hyrulean Forces after she is defeated by Lana and learns the truth. In Cia's Tale, Midna's Forces appear in "The Usurper King", in which they fight against Zant's Forces. The Dark Forces then attack her army as an incentive to make Zant join Cia's army.
  • Ganondorf's Forces appear as a Rogue Force in "A War of Spirit". Ganondorf arrives late in the battle to try to take the Triforce pieces from their owners. He is defeated before he can succeed, however. Ganondorf's forces are composed of Stalchildren with Moblin Captains.
  • The Ghost Forces are a Rogue Force that appear in the "The Sacred Sword". They are ghostly versions of the Hylian Soldiers, tasked with defending the Temple of the Sacred Sword and the Master Sword inside.[8] They are actually being secretly agitated by Wizzro under the disguise of Lana, and once he is defeated in that form, the Ghost Forces will return to their eternal rest.
  • The Imprisoned Forces initially appear as Rogue Forces in "Ganondorf's Return". They are imprisoned monsters being held in three prisons in the Gerudo Desert for unknown reasons. Ganondorf's Forces can free them to join his army. Their Captains are Darknuts and their Stalchildren Troops.
  • In Cia's Tale, Volga's Forces appear in "The Dragon of the Caves". Volga leads the Force in the Eldin Caves, who come to his aid when Cia tries to forcefully enlist him into her own Force. Lizalfos and Dinolfos Chieftains act as the Captains in Volga's army, along with Bulblin Troops. King Dodongo is also part of Volga's army and can be called upon in crisis.
  • Also in Cia's Tale, the Skyloft Forces appear as a Rogue Force in "The Demon Lord", led by Fi. They fight Ghirahim's Forces to reclaim their homeland, and soon ally with the Dark Forces. They are betrayed, however, when the Dark Forces break their false alliance and turn on them after recruiting Ghirahim into their ranks.
  • The Great Bird's Forces appear as a Rogue Force in "A New Disturbance". The only member of the Force is the Helmaroc King, who is attacked by the Monster Forces in the Forsaken Fortress. After being driven out of the Fortress, he attacks the Hyrulean Forces in Windfall.

(Character Name's) Forces

In Adventure Mode, many missions have you fight with and/or for forces named after their commander who don't lead Legend Mode forces, (A example is Link's Forces) (All colors of forces can have Character Commanders). They don't share a general theme, so (Character Name's) Forces can appear in any missions, leading any force with any strategy.


Names in Other Regions
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