Glitches in Link's Crossbow Training

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Important Disclaimer!

While many of these glitches have been tested by editors, we cannot promise that these glitches won't harm your game data or game console. We ask that you please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of these glitches.

The following is a large list of all the known glitches that can be performed in Link's Crossbow Training. Each glitch will come with instructions on what the glitch does, how to perform the glitch, and if the glitch has been patched (i.e. fixed) or not.

Horseback Hush

This glitch has not been patched.
Horseback Hush
Silences the music, resets your score for the level, and stops the timer.
Stage 8-1, Horseback Target Practice, must be unlocked.
In Practice Mode, start playing the level Horseback Target Practice. In either the first or second area of the Stage, press A to bring up the pause menu just before the screen fades to move to the next area. If done right, the Stage will continue playing even though the pause menu is shown. The score count will reset to zero and will stay at zero even if more Targets are shot (the total is still counted and will be displayed at the end of the Stage, but it doesn't display while playing the stage). The timer will also stop counting down, although the Stage will still end on time. Selecting the "Back to Level Select" or "Return to title screen" options will play the exiting sound but will not take the player to the menu. This will stop the in-game music and continuing to play until the third area will play the night theme of Hyrule Field from Twilight Princess, a song which cannot be heard normally in-game. If the glitch is performed in both the first and second areas in the same run, both the score count and timer will completely disappear on the screen. Pausing the game for a second time again after hitting "Continue" will trigger the game to un-pause and this will fix the glitch. Pausing the game after hitting "Return to Stage Select" or "Return to title screen" will automatically take the player to either menu.

  • If you are playing in the Score Attack or Multiplayer modes and finish Horseback Target Practice after performing this glitch even once, the game will softlock. To escape the softlock, you must exit to the home menu or turn off the console. This is not currently known to damage your save file or game console.
  • After hitting "Return to Stage Select" and then getting the Hyrule Field at night theme to play, pausing to be taken back to the Stage Select Screen will make the normal music for that menu play, but the Hyrule Field theme will not stop playing and can be heard in the background.