Glitches in Skyward Sword

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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Skyward Sword. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.


High Flip

  • Effect: Perform a higher than normal Backflip
  • Prerequisites: An object you can pick up and put down (Ex;Bomb, Pot, Remlit etc.)
  • How To: Pick up an object with the A Button and hold it. Now place it down or throw it. During Link's crouch, you have a frame or two to trigger a backflip as usual. Rapidly pressing the button works, but having the timing down is more effective.
  • Notes: This can be useful for accessing ledges that you cannot grab. This has been proven to work in many places, and has also been used to skip the basement portion of the Ancient Cistern.

Sequence Breaking

Sequence breaking is doing something out of the order the game was meant to be played. This can include getting items early and skipping items or entire parts of the game.

Early Lake Floria

  • Effect: Gives early access to Floria Waterfall via Bird Statue.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Faron Woods and must have at least saved one Kikwi
  • How To: Link has to go towards where the tightrope to get to the first Heart Piece is but jump down the hole south of the Heart Piece towards one of the Kikwi's. When you find the Kikwi you must sprint up the right wall and stay on the ledge you land on. Slowly move left and look at the branch in front of you which has a rope hanging off. Jump towards the branch and if done correctly you will land on it without slipping. Slowly walk towards the edge and then sprint and immediately Jump Attack. You should land on the wall ahead. Stay to the edge trying to avoid slipping and head towards the entrance to Floria Waterfall. Push the log down and voila!!

Scrapper Instant Warp

  • Effect: Skip a large portion of transporting the Water Basin across Eldin Volcano.
  • Prerequisites: Access to the Water Basin Transport quest.
  • How To: After starting the mission, use the Bird Statue to enter the sky and lose Scrapper. After that, return to Eldin Volcano at a different Bird Statue. Save at that statue. Now trigger a Game Over by dying and select Continue. At whatever Bird Statue you saved at, you will reappear and Scrapper will be right next to you. This can skip a large portion of the mission by going as far as possible.
  • Notes: Essentially you must get Scrapper stuck somewhere to wait for you (Enter a cave, the Sky, etc. and reappear in another portion of Eldin) and save at a Statue. Then re-spawning will also make Scrapper appear next to you.

Misc. Glitches

Random Glitches that don't belong in any other categories.

Back in Time (BiT)

  • Effect: Play on the title screen, which leads to many other sub-glitches.
  • Prerequisites: Must have some way to take damage (cliff, enemy, Bombs, etc.)
  • How To: Simply kill yourself by any means necessary to get the Game Over screen. Then, at the Game Over screen, select Continue. As soon as you select Continue, press the Home Menu button on the Wii Remote and choose Reset. If done correctly, Link will start at Skyloft and fall out of bounds while the title logo is on the screen. After respawning from the fall and viewing the glitched Skyloft, you are free to control Link.
  • Notes: If you leave the logo up for too long, a cutscene will play, which cancels BiT. To prevent this from happening, simply press A at the logo screen to go to the file select screen occasionally, then go back to the logo screen.

Back in Time Wrong Warp (BiTWW)

  • Effect: Warp to many various locations in the game. Sometimes you will end up out of bounds, falling in a void, or skipping half or more of a dungeon!
  • Prerequisites: Must have done BiT.
  • How To: After doing BiT, go to a specific Bird Statue on Skyloft and press A while in front of it and while on the title screen. This will take you to the file select screen and, at the same time, activate the Bird Statue. On the Bird Statue menu, highlight the option to Save. You also need to have the file you want to wrong warp with highlighted on the file select screen. With both options highlighted, press A to select them both at the same time. If done correctly, the screen will go black, the little text box that says "Saved." will appear and shortly after the saved dialog, your file will be loaded and you will spawn at a certain location.
  • Notes: You can manipulate this glitch by experimenting with the location you choose to die at to trigger BiT and by the Bird Statue you save at in BiT Skyloft. The way this glitch works is when you save at the Bird Statue in BiT Skyloft, what happens in your save file is you are placed at the exact x, y and z coordinates that the Bird Statue you saved at in Skyloft were at, but on the map that you were in when you triggered BiT. For example: If you die at the Lanayru Mining Facility and trigger BiT there, then save at the Bird Statue in the Upper Academy, you will spawn out of bounds in the Lanayru Mining Facility. In this example, you spawn out of bounds because that is the x, y and z coordinates that the Bird Statue you save at in BiT Skyloft was located.

Invisible Bilocyte

  • Effect: Causes Bilocyte to appear invisible.
  • Prerequisites: Must have the Spiral Charge ability unlocked. Bombs.
  • How To: This glitch occurs during the battle against Levias and Bilocyte. If Link lands safely on Levias' back facing Bilocyte before attacking the parasitic appendages, Bilocyte will appear invisible when a bomb goes off nearby.
  • Notes: Link is still able to target the parasite, thus being able to attack and be attacked, even defeated. With knowledge about the tactics of taking Bilocyte down, this is a glitch with few, if any, consequences throughout the rest of the game.

Song of the Hero Game Ending Error

The Save Data Update Channel as seen in the Wii Menu Title Screen.
  • Effect: Locks the game and prevents the player from progressing.
  • Prerequisites: Must have defeated Bilocyte.
  • How To: This glitch occurs during the quest to find the Song of the Hero. Contrary to popular belief, the glitch is not simply done by completing the Thunder Dragon quest before the others. The glitch in fact is triggered by talking to Golo, the Goron who can be found at the Lanayru Mining Facility entrance. If he is spoken to a second time upon completion of the Thunder Dragon quest, he will tell the player that he is jealous of his discovery, and the events in Eldin Volcano and Faron Woods will not occur. This will render it impossible to advance through the game at this point. Specifically, the volcano in Eldin Volcano will never erupt and the Imprisoned battle at Faron Woods would never trigger. Therefore players can still obtain the Thunder Dragon's piece of the song first and still avoid the game ending glitch so as long as they do not speak to Golo again.
  • Notes: Nintendo has released a solution to this glitch, which can be seen here. To fix the glitch, one must download The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Save Data Update Channel on the Wii Shop Channel for 0 Wii Points. After using the channel to update one's game, things should return to normal.

Clean Cut Minigame Rupee Counting Error

  • Effect: Prevents Link from playing Peater's Clean Cut minigame despite having enough Rupees.
  • Prerequisites: Link must have access to the entire Sky via his Loftwing, and must have between 10 and 14 Rupees.
  • How To: Simply speak to Peater and ask to play his minigame. Despite the fact that it costs 10 Rupees, Link will not be allowed to play unless he has at least 15.

Pot in Pole

  • Effect: Hides a Jar in a pole.
  • Prerequisites: Access to the Plaza.
  • How to: Go to the western pole at the Plaza. Underneath it there are three pots. Walk towards the pole from west and push the pot in.
  • Notes: This glitch works only on this specific pole in Skyloft. It's impossible to get the jar back out, unless you push in another pot.

Ladder Leap

  • Effect: Link leaps through the floor.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Batreaux' house.
  • How to: Go down the ladder leading to Batreaux' house, and leap down on the third and second step. Link then leaps through the floor.
  • Notes: Link can leap neither up nor down on the ladder unless he is moving.

Game Freeze

  • Effect: Freeze the game irreparably.
  • Prerequisites: Beating the Goddess's Silent Realm.
  • How to: After obtaining the Stone of Trials from the Goddess's Silent Realm, the player has to not reveal the Sky Keep. Instead, he or she has to go to Lanayru Gorge and repeat the trial in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round. Once started, the player has to try to put the Stone of Trials in the Silent Realm's bird statue. This will cause the game to freeze.
  • Notes: To end the glitch, the player must reset the console. This glitch can't be done after revealing the Sky Keep.

Bird Statue Select Softlock

  • Effect: Prevents the player from progressing to the Lanayru Gorge.
  • Prerequisites: Completing the Skyview Temple and Earth Temple.
  • How to: Place the Amber Tablet into the altar inside the Chamber of the Sword. Dive into the Lanayru Gorge. There is a small chance the game will ask you to select a Bird Statue, despite the fact you have never entered this area, meaning you will be unable to continue.
  • Notes: This glitch persists after resetting your game, or console, but is also extremely uncommon and is not well documented. It is unknown if there are more detailed circumstances to this glitch occurring.