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Goddess Butterflies are Animals and Objects in Hyrule Warriors.[1][name references needed]


Goddess Butterflies are blue Butterflies capable of locating paths to anywhere or anyone they are asked to find.[1] They emit a blue aura as they fly. Agitha states that Goddess Butterflies are not of a poisonous genus.[2]

A Goddess Butterfly appears in the "Land of Twilight" Scenario, under the ownership of Agitha. After Lana saves the girl from a group of Bulblins, Agitha offers to help find the Gate of Souls with the use of her Goddess Butterfly to guide the Hyrulean Force through the Twilight Realm.[3] The Hyrulean Force follow the Butterfly until they are confronted by Midna, who seizes the Butterfly, believing it to be poisoning her Forces.[4] When she learns otherwise that the Butterfly can guide to anywhere it is asked, Midna decides to use the Butterfly to locate Cia,[5] who had cursed Midna into an imp prior.[6] The seizure of the Butterfly forces the Hyrulean Force to fight Midna's Force. After Lana defeats her, Midna relinquishes the Butterfly back to Agitha, and joins the Hyrulean Force after learning they are not with Cia.[7]

Later, in "The Shadow King" Scenario, the same Goddess Butterfly leads the Hyrulean Force to the Palace of Twilight's Fairy Fountain, after an Argorok returns for the third time to attack the Allied Base.[8][9] The Butterfly's guidance brings the Hyrulean Force' attention to a Magic Circle there, which summons the Great Fairy.

Goddess Butterflies also appear on certain battle squares on the Adventure Map as an obstacle in Adventure Mode. Some squares will have their Enemies hidden and cannot be played until a Goddess's Harp Item Card is used on the swarm of Goddess Butterflies. Playing the Harp on them makes a Gossip Stone appear, revealing the battle's Enemies.



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