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Gor Coron is a character in Twilight Princess.[2]


Once a great Sumo Wrestlin' champion, Gor Coron is now one of the four elders in the Goron tribe of Death Mountain.[3] He was also the tribe's previous patriarch and was succeeded by Darbus.[1] When Darbus is consumed by the power of the Fused Shadow, forcing the Goron elders to imprison him in the Goron Mines, Gor Coron acts as leader until Darbus is freed. To prove Link's strength and determination, he challenges him to a Sumo Wrestlin' match so that Link may pass into the Goron Mines. He at first doubts Link's potency, but then after he is beaten, he commends Link's achievement and show of strength.[3] After that, he tells Link what had happened in the mines and begs Link to go to the aid of their patriarch, Darbus. Later on after Darbus is saved, Gor Coron helps Link restore Ilia's memory.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
堂·格罗内 (Táng·géluónèi) (TP)[4]
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