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Great Bay Coast is a location in Majora's Mask.[1]

Features and Overview

The Great Bay Coast is a seaside beach located directly west of Termina Field. As its entrance is guarded by gates, Link needs Epona to be able to jump over these gates and to enter the Coast. It is home to numerous landmarks in the Great Bay region, and is vastly inhabited by a robust population of Zoras and many unnatural water creatures. It used to be very much an enchanting sea paradise, but a turn of events has contaminated the once elegant waters of the Great Bay. The once natural aquatic-life that inhabited the waters have been decomposed and replaced by other fierce sea creatures that are very dangerous. The curse that has been cast upon the ocean has converted it into a treacherous bay inhabited by the dominant and deadly. In order to dispel the curse, Link must find its source.

It is here that Link first encounters Mikau, one of the guitarists of the band The Indigo-Go's. Washed up in the shore and nearly dead, Link rescues him, and the young guitarist informs him about Lulu's dilemma. Her Eggs had been stolen by the Gerudo Pirates, and Mikau was gravely injured trying to get them back. Mikau passes away shortly after Link plays the "Song of Healing", encasing his soul inside the Zora Mask.

The Great Bay Coast is the most prominent locale of the Great Bay region, and as such, leads to many other locations within the region.

To the far east of the Coast is the impenetrable, secluded Fortress of the Gerudo Pirates. Four of Lulu's Eggs are held in the Fortress. It is up to Link to gain entry inside the Fortress and infiltrate it to retrieve the stolen Eggs. It is a vast structure on tight guard, so Link will have to keep well-hidden in order to succeed on his mission.

Near the Coast is the isolated Marine Research Lab, where marine biology and other aquatic experiments are analyzed and carried out. Lately the Professor has become concerned of the whereabouts of the Zora Eggs and requests that Link finds them and brings them to his lab as quickly as possible, for the Zora Eggs may die if they are not taken care of under the appropriate conditions.

On the shore and near the entrance to the Great Bay Coast is the Oceanside Spider House, a lonely, abandoned house full of storage boxes, cobwebs, and Gold Skulltulas; moreover, the Fisherman's Hut is located to the right of the Spider House. Up north, the entrance to Pinnacle Rock can be found, which is home to the Deep Pythons. Finally, the southern end of the Great Bay Coast leads to Zora Cape, the area where Zora Hall and the Waterfall Rapids are located.


Minor Enemies


Names in Other Regions
グレートベイの海岸 (Gurēto Bei no Kaigan) (MM)[3]Same as English.
Côte de la Grande Baie (MM3D)[5] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Schädelküste (MM)[4]Skull Shore
The Italian Republic
Costa della Grande Baia (MM3D)[2]Grat Bay coast
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