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Green Bubbles are enemies in Ocarina of Time.[1]


Green Bubbles are surrounded in bright green flames. Like Red Bubbles, they typically appear near ledges, but float in a circular pattern in an attempt to obstruct Link's way. Their flames also serve as a barrier that protects them from being attacked directly. To defeat them, Link can either wait until their flames briefly die down or put them out with the Shield, then attack them. They can also be stunned with other items as well such as the Boomerang, which will also extinguish their flame, or alternately attacked with projectile weapons such as the Slingshot or the Bow. They often appear in groups of two. They appear in the Forest Temple, Spirit Temple, and Ganon's Castle.

A larger Green Bubble can also be found floating along the waterway in the Bottom of the Well. This Bubble does not hover in one spot, but instead circles around the entire area.


Names in Other Regions
緑バブル (Midori Baburu) (OoT)[4]Same as English.
The French Republic
Tetdoss Verte (OoT3D)[5]Green Bonehead
Tetdoss is a corruption of tête d'os (bone head).
The Italian Republic
  • Nembo (Verde) (OoT)[2]
  • Nembo verde (OoT3D)[3]
  • Nimbus (Green)
  • Green nimbus
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