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Harrow Island is a location in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Features and Overview

Harrow Island is hidden north of a triangle of rocks in the northwest of the southeastern sea. Its location is revealed by a Yook on the Isle of Frost after Link has obtained the Azurine.[2] It does not appear on the Sea Chart until he sails close enough for Ciela to spot it and mark its location.[3]

Harrow Island is home to a Digging Game. It is separated into two by a wall that spans the width of the Island. The southern half contains a geyser that becomes active once Link pays to play the minigame. This allows him to walk on top of a raised section, where there are a few Jars, as well as access to the northern half where the minigame takes place. This area is a large, empty field divided into four parts by stone tiles.

The minigame is run by a Gossip Stone north of where Link docks the SS Linebeck. For a fee of 50 Rupees, Link can dig up 10 treasures and keep them.[4] The treasures that Link can find are Rupees, Treasure Maps, and Rupoors.[5][6] The Gossip Stone will notify Link when he has dug up his tenth treasure.[7] Link can leave the Island at any time, but his fee will not be refunded.[8] If after 10 treasures have been dug up Link digs two more times, he will be fined 100 Rupees by the Gossip Stone at the entrance.[9] If he digs once more, he will be fined all of his current Rupees leaving him with nothing.[10] If Link digs again, he will be banned from playing.[11] To play again, he must pay 300 Rupees.[12]

Occasionally, a spirit named Lucky Lee will be dug up.[13] If Link pays it 50 Rupees, it will give him a choice to pick between a large or a small Treasure Chest.[14][15] These Chests may contain a small prize of 40 Rupees,[16] an average prize of 150 Rupees,[17] or a large prize of 200 Rupees.[18] The Treasure Chests may also contain nothing, in which case Link must pay an additional 100 Rupees.[19]


Names in Other Regions
ホリホリ島 (Hori Hori Shima)[21]
The French Republic
Ile Bonnepelle[23]
Ile Bonnepelle
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Isola Buca[20]
Latin America
Islote del Hoyo[24]
The Kingdom of Spain
Islote del Hoyo
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