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This article is about the character from Twilight Princess. For the character from Skyward Sword, see Henya.

Hena is a character in Twilight Princess.[3]


Hena is a young woman who is the owner of the Fishing Hole in Zora's River. She is the youngest of her family, and unlike her older siblings Coro and Iza,[4][5] she does not have an afro.

Hena admires the Fishing Hole Man from Ocarina of Time, and even believes that she is his descendant, sharing his passion for Fishing and his awkward itch.[6][7] She also owns a pet bird named Purdy who at random times mentions that Hena is "very OLD",[8] to which the Fishing Hole owner responds by demanding that Purdy stop telling lies.[9] Despite her love for fishing, she has never caught or seen a Hylian Loach, and admits that just seeing one would bring her joy.[10] Apart from fishing, she has also invented a game called Rollgoal, which unlocks the Frog Lure after completing the first eight levels.[11]

In order to try fishing, Link must first consult with Hena, who will allow Link to use both the Fishing Rod and fishing boat. For 100 Rupees, she will join Link and advise him on several things such as the best spot to fish,[12] but she will not allow the use of a Sinking Lure, as she believes it is cheating and harmful to the fish and environment.[13] She will, however, allow him to use three different types of floating lures: the Swimmer, Popper, and Spinner types.[14]

Hena has an aquarium especially made for her customers where she keeps the biggest of each type of fish that gets brought in.[15] One of her dreams is to fill the tank with one of each kind of fish so that she can have her own small aquarium, which would include the legendary Hylian Loach.[16] Once Link manages to catch the legendary fish, she thanks him for making her dream come true, and even calls him a "master fisherman."[17]

Hena also comments on items that Link views in the fishing cabin, which can be seen as a way that Nintendo uses to satirize some of Link's infamous behaviors, such as him not taking his hat off upon entering a building,[18] or going around breaking other people's Jars, the latter to which Hena comments as being the "dumbest thing" she has ever heard of.[19] When Link looks at the canoe, Hena will tell him that it is her private boat that she only uses with her boyfriend whenever she has one; thus, she does not lend it out to customers.[20] Link can also roll into the wall to try to break the Jars, but is thrown out of the house after being told to stop several times and needs to apologize to Hena upon entering.[21][22]

During the ending credits, Iza, Hena and Coro are all seen lounging together at the Fishing Hole.


  • If Link looks at the books on the bottom of the shelf underneath the photos, Hena will say that the name of the book is called The Legend of the Hylian Loach: Twilight Fish, which is about how a young Hylian Loach saves Hyrule from danger. The name of the book and the plot is a direct parody to Twilight Princess. The book also explains how, when, and where Link can catch a Hylian Loach.
  • After Link looks at the picture of the Fishing Hole Man from Ocarina of Time, he can look over at Hena, who will be scratching herself. She mentions that she does not know why she gets itchy sometimes, similar to the Ocarina of Time Fishing Hole Man.[7]
  • A Piece of Heart can be found on the cliffs of the Fishing Hole. If Link is fishing with Hena and casts his Fishing Rod up to it, he will reel in the Piece of Heart and Hena will tease Link about it.[23]


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