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Home of the Wind Tribe is a location in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview

The Home of the Wind Tribe can first be accessed (albeit in a limited capacity) after Link obtains the Kinstone Bag and Fuses Kinstone Pieces with Strato in Hyrule Town. This will cause a Portal to appear near Link's House in South Hyrule Field.

Several members of the Wind Tribe reside in the tower, though Strata blocks the entrance leading out to the Cloud Tops and Flurris blocks the stairs leading up to the Palace of Winds. Gregal is lying in a bed on the second floor, haunted by a Ghost.[2] If Link uses the Gust Jar to defeat the Ghost, Gregal will begin to recover.[3]

As long as Link accomplishes this before arriving at the Home of the Wind Tribe via Veil Falls, Gregal will be alive and well, thanking Link and rewarding him with the Light Arrow.[4] If Link arrives and Ezlo comments on the Home of the Wind Tribe without the Ghost being defeated, Gregal will pass away, and the Light Arrow becomes unobtainable.

After Fusing Kinstone Pieces with the Source of the Flow at Veil Falls, Link traverses the Cloud Tops and can enter the Home of the Wind Tribe from its front entrance. The upper floors become available, and Siroc will grant Link access to the Tornado on the roof that will take him to the Palace of Winds.[5][6]

Several Chests containing Kinstone Pieces can be found throughout the Home of the Wind Tribe; they are found frequently by the Wind Tribe, who has trouble storing them all.[7]


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