Horseback Archery Range

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This article is about the location in Ocarina of Time. For the recurring Mini-Game, see Horseback Archery.

The Horseback Archery Range, also known as the Horseback Archery Field,[1] is a location in Ocarina of Time.[2]

Location and Rules

The Horseback Archery Range is located in the rear of the Gerudo's Fortress, with a dirt path leading to it from behind the Thieves' Hideout. It can only be accessed after Link has obtained the Gerudo Token. The range is an oblong area with a large target board at each end, and three target boards along the cliffside wall, with a series of Jars sitting atop wooden boxes in front of them. At nighttime, a Gold Skulltula can be found on the backside of one of the target boards.

Near the center of the range is a small canopy where a Gerudo runs the Horseback Archery Mini-Game. Beside her is a Sign displaying Link's highest score.[2] To play the Mini-Game, Link must have retrieved Epona from Lon Lon Ranch, and then speak to the Gerudo in charge while on horseback. Each play costs 20 Rupees.

The objective of the Mini-Game is to shoot as many targets as possible with only 20 Arrows while Epona automatically gallops up and down the range. If Link hits a target, he will receive 100 points for a bulls-eye, or 60 or 30 points for a less-accurate hit. Hitting a Jar will also earn him 100 points. The same targets can be hit multiple times. The Mini-Game ends when Link runs out of Arrows, or when Epona reaches the second end target. By scoring 1,000 or more points, Link will receive a Piece of Heart.[3] If the hero tries again and scores 1,500 points or more, he will be awarded with a Quiver upgrade.[4]


Names in Other Regions
Tir à 'arc à cheval (OoT3D)Horseback archery
The Italian Republic
Tiro con l'arco Gerudo (OoT3D)[5]Gerudo archery range
Latin America
Tiro con arco a caballo (OoT3D)Horseback archery
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