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The Hurdy-Gurdy Man is a character in The Minish Cap.[1]


After Link obtains the Earth Element from the Deepwood Shrine and returns to Hyrule Town, the Hurdy-Gurdy Man teaches him how to Fuse Kinstone Pieces and gives him a Kinstone Bag.[2] Upon Fusing Kinstone Pieces with him, a thorny Tree containing a Piece of Heart opens up in South Hyrule Field. This is the only mandatory Kinstone Fusion in the game that does not require a golden Kinstone Piece.

The Hurdy-Gurdy Man can be found inside Mama's Cafe after he gives Link the Kinstone Bag, where he encourages Link to search Hyrule for people who will Fuse Kinstone Pieces with him.[3][4]

After Link obtains the Ocarina of Wind, the Hurdy-Gurdy Man will mention the arrival of the Oracles in Hyrule Town.[5] Throughout the remainder of the game, he remains inside Mama's Cafe, mentioning the Goron Cave,[6] alluding to the spirit of Gustaf,[7] and eventually assuring Link and himself that happiness is the true reason for Fusing Kinstone Pieces, even in the face of Vaati's takeover of Hyrule Castle.[8]

Outside of the initial Fusion, he is one of the potential characters to have a random Kinstone Fusion available.[9]


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Herr Glücksbeutel[11]
The Italian Republic
Sacca Frammenti[10]
The Kingdom of Spain
Vendedor bolsas[12]
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