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Not to be confused with Impa's Hiding Place.

Impa's House is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Features and Overview

Ocarina of Time

Impa's House is located in the southern area of Kakariko Village. The exterior of the House is the same as the other houses in the Village, yet it is larger in terms of size. It has two distinct entrances: front and rear, the latter being only accessible through either the Hookshot or Kaepora Gaebora (from Death Mountain as child). It leads to the interior of a cage that contains both a Piece of Heart and a Cow. Although only one unnamed man is found inside the house during the day, at night it is inhabited by the Cucco Lady. After the 7 year timeskip, the Blue Juggler has moved into the house too. In Ocarina of Time 3D, the house is slightly revamped on the inside, where it now contains tips for playing, along with a map of Hyrule.

Even though the House belongs to Impa, she is never inside due to her duties as the protector of Princess Zelda. She left the House in hands of the villagers.[3]

If Link steps on the pillow upstairs, he will find a Red Rupee.

Breath of the Wild

Impa's House is located at the base of Lantern Falls in Kakariko Village.[4] It is the home of Impa and her granddaughter, Paya. Dorian and Cado take shifts guarding the entrance to the House. Only residents of Kakariko Village are allowed to enter Impa's House.[5][6]

Impa rests on a pillow on the center of her House's first floor. This level also contains several Traveler's Guardian Deities, the Final Picture, and the Calamity Ganon Tapestry, the latter of which is hung on the wall behind Impa. The Journal of Various Worries, where residents of Kakariko Village can write their concerns, is located on a ledge at the front of the House. The Sheikah Heirloom will initially be present on a pillow by Impa's side.

Paya's Room makes up the second floor of Impa's House. Paya's Diary can be found on a table within her Room.

As part of the "Seek Out Impa" Main Quest, Link is tasked with meeting Impa in her House.[7] When he first approaches, he will be stopped by Dorian and Cado.[8] However, when they realize that he is carrying the Sheikah Slate, they apologize and allow him to continue onward.[9][10]

Link meeting with Impa in her House

Once Link enters Impa's House, she will greet him and ask if he remembers her.[11] She reveals that before Zelda left to face Calamity Ganon at Hyrule Castle, she left a message for Impa to pass onto Link.[12] Since Link is missing his memories, however, Impa is unsure if she should burden him with such information.[13] Therefore, she tells him to return to her House once he is ready to hear the message.[14] After Link asks to hear the message, Impa reveals that Zelda wished for him to free the Divine Beasts.[15] She directs Link to the leaders of each race for more information,[16] at which point the "Free the Divine Beasts" Main Quest will begin.

At the same time, Impa notices that the Sheikah Slate is missing information.[17] To fix it, she tells him to go to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, which is located in Hateno Village.[18] This begins the "Locked Mementos" Main Quest. After Purah repairs the Sheikah Slate, she sends him to Impa's House to learn about the Pictures in the Album.[19][20] Once Link speaks to Impa in her House, she notes that he seems fine after Purah gave him the runaround, and the Main Quest will be completed.[21]

When she sees the Pictures, Impa confirms that they were taken by Zelda before the Great Calamity.[22] She suggests that Link visit the locations depicted in these Pictures on the chance that they may help him restore his memories.[23] She tells Link to return to her House after visiting one of these locations, revealing that she has something to give him.[24] Afterwards, the "Captured Memories" Main Quest will begin.

Once Link has gained a Recovered Memory, he must return to Impa's House to tell her about his progress.[25] At the beginning of their conversation, she gives Link his Champion's Tunic.[26] She reveals that it used to belong to him, and she has been protecting it on behalf of Zelda.[27] After claiming all 12 Recovered Memories, Link is once again tasked with sharing this with Impa.[28] When he does so, she reveals that there is a 13th Picture left behind by Zelda.[29] As she stands and jumps down from her pillow, she reveals that Zelda told her to wait before showing the Picture to Link.[30] Standing in front of the Final Picture, she asks if Link can tell where it is, and she encourages him to seek it out.[31]

After Link calms all four Divine Beasts, his next task if to return to Impa's House to inform her.[32] When Link approaches Impa, she is able to sense the presence of the fallen Champions with him.[33] She tells Link that now is the time to face Calamity Ganon and rescue Zelda.[34] However, she warns him to still be careful, as Hyrule Castle is well-guarded.[35]

During the "Playtime with Cottla" Side Quest, Cottla will ask Link what kind of game he wants to play.[36] If Link chooses hide-and-seek, Cottla will leave to go hide.[37] Afterwards, Link can find her behind Impa's House, though she is disappointed by this fact.[38] Since she had fun, she gives Link her treasured Rock Salt as a reward.[39]

Finally, after completing "By Firefly's Light," Link will find Paya crying on the floor of Impa's House. She reveals that the Sheikah Heirloom has been stolen.[40] This begins "The Stolen Heirloom" Shrine Quest. Since Paya is afraid, Impa asks Link to accompany her throughout the day to ease her worries.[41] At the end of the day, the two will be in Paya's Room, where she thanks Link for staying with her.[42] When Link speaks to Dorian and Cado afterwards, they reveal that Lasli and Mellie both visited the day before.[6][43]




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