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Not to be confused with Impa, a recurring character throughout The Legend of Zelda series.

Impaz is a character in Twilight Princess.[2]


At some point, the Hidden Village was attacked and taken over by a group of Bulblins, thus, Impaz became a prisoner in her own house.[3] When Ilia was kidnapped, she was taken to the Hidden Village, where she befriended Impaz.[4] Impaz helped Ilia escape from the Hidden Village, but stayed behind herself.[5] As such, she did not know what had become of the girl until Link visited some time later. At first, she kept her door closed, thinking Link was a Bulblin.[6] When Link frees the Hidden Village of the Bulblins, she recognizes Link as the boy Ilia had told her so much about.[7] Impaz is happy to hear that Ilia is safe and asks Link to return Ilia's Charm which Ilia had given to Impaz before escaping.

Shortly after Ilia recovers her memory, Link goes to Impaz again for information on the Dominion Rod, based on some information Ilia gave him.[8] Impaz is surprised and thrilled to see Link carrying the Dominion Rod, as that meant that he was the "messenger to the heavens" and that she would finally be able to fulfill the duty that bound her to the Hidden Village. She then gives Link the Ancient Sky Book, remarking that the meeting with Ilia must have been ordained by the gods.[9] It is with this book that the Dominion Rod is eventually reactivated with the help of Shad.


  • During development, Impaz was to a be a male named Old Man Impa.[1]


Impaz's name is a reference to Impa from Ocarina of Time.[7]

Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Impar (TPHD)[10]
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