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The Indigo-Go's,[1] also known as the Zora Band,[1] is a group in Majora's Mask. It is a famous Zora band in Majora's Mask consisting of five members. The band is based in Zora Hall of Great Bay.[2] One of their most popular hits is "Ballad of the Wind Fish," which was made famous by the previous generation of The Indigo-Go's.[3][4]


The members include:

Each of the members have their own room in Zora Hall, with the exception of Mikau and Tijo, who share a room. The entrance to their rooms are guarded by a Zora who will not allow entry to anyone who is not a band member.[13]


The Indigo-Go's performing at the Milk Bar

The Indigo-Go's had planned a performance on the day of the Carnival of Time;[14] however, when Lulu laid seven Eggs, she lost her voice. To make matters worse, they were soon stolen by the Gerudo Pirates, forcing their manager to cancel the show.[15][16] Evan, keeping Lulu's problem a secret from the rest of the band, charged Mikau with the task of retrieving the Eggs from the Pirates in the hopes that the Eggs were the key to getting Lulu's voice back.[17][18] Unfortunately, Mikau was gravely injured by the thieving women and was left in the waters of the Great Bay Coast.

When Link travels to Great Bay, he finds Mikau floating offshore, nearly dead, and drags him back to land in an attempt to save him. In spite of his efforts, Mikau passes away after Link plays the "Song of Healing," but not before the guitarist plays a final song in which he pleads that Link help get Lulu's voice back by retrieving her Eggs.[19] Mikau leaves the Zora Mask behind when he dies, allowing Link to transform into Zora form and successfully regain the Zora Eggs. After he takes the Eggs to the Marine Research Lab, the Eggs hatch and the newborns teach Link the "New Wave Bossa Nova".[20] When he plays the song in front of Lulu, she recalls that her mother, the original diva of the band,[21] used to sing it to her, and her voice is restored.[22]

Once Link defeats Gyorg from the Great Bay Temple, The Indigo-Go's have a much-anticipated rehearsal on the Zora Hall stage.[23] During the ending credits, the band, along with Link as a Zora, can be seen performing a longer version of their rehearsal song in the Milk Bar.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゾーラバンド・ダル・ブルー (Zōra Bando Daru Burū) The Zora-Band: Dull Blue
French-speaking countries French Les Indigo-Go The Indigo-Go
Germany German Die Indigo-Gos The Indigo-Go's
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Los Indigo-Go’s The Indigo-Go's



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