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The Island Postal Service is the Mail Delivery service in The Wind Waker.[4]

Features and Overview


The Island Postal Service is operated by the Rito, whose unique ability to fly makes them the only suitable postmen on the Great Sea. The Postal Service is central to the Rito way of life.[5][6] They value their reputation as deliverymen over their own safety and comfort.[7] Their aerie on Dragon Roost Island doubles as the Mail Center.

Koboli is in charge of sorting mail, whereas Quill and Ilari are responsible for collection and delivery. Ilari is the designated postman for Windfall Island.[8] Namali and Pashli walk around the Mail Center carrying clipboards and claim to be busy,[9] but their occupations are not specified. The only non-Rito staff is the part-timer Baito, who Koboli hires on to do sorting. Link himself can help with the operations of the Island Postal Service in two ways. The first is by playing the Mail Center mini-game. The second is by delivering the Moblin's Letter on Ilari's behalf.[10]

The Island Postal Service has Postboxes installed on 19 Islands of the Great Sea,[verification needed] over a third of all the islands. This includes the three major settlements and all five Fairy Islands, among others. Postboxes are sentient, talking objects that receive incoming and outgoing mail,[11][12] charge postage fees, process Cash-On-Delivery parcels,[13] and reject mail that cannot be delivered through the Island Postal Service.[14][15] They wiggle when they have mail for Link.[11] The Island Postal Service specially delivers Link's mail to the Postbox nearest him.[16][17][note 1]


Hoskit uses the Island Postal Service to send to his girlfriend the 20 Golden Feathers he receives from Link.[19] When Link forms a Merchant's Oath with a Wandering Merchant, they use the Island Postal Service to ship Decorations to Zunari's Shop.[20] Garrickson abuses the service to send unwanted love letters to an unspecified admirer.[21] He is the only character other than Link to actually be seen using a Postbox.

The only items Link can send in the mail are the Note to Mom and Maggie's Letter. Various characters use the service to send letters and parcels to Link.[which?] Tingle sends Link an unspecified Cash-On-Delivery parcel costing 201 Rupees.[22] When purchased it turns out to be the IN-credible Chart. Baito sends a C.O.D. parcel as well,[23] which strangely contains a Red Rupee. The parcel costs 10 Rupees (half its value).[24]


The postage cost at any given Postbox varies according to how far it is from Dragon Roost Island. The postage can be 5, 10, or 20 Rupees.

The Postbox at the Flight Control Platform will state that it is "quite far" from Dragon Roost Island and charge the maximum postage fee of 20 Rupees.[3] This is in spite of the fact that Flight Control Platform is adjacent to Dragon Roost Island. Nearly every other Postbox in the northern half of the Great Sea — from Pawprint Isle to Tingle Island — charges the minimum 5-Rupee postage and states that it is near Dragon Roost Island.[1] This outlier aside, the postage fee is a roughly linear function of distance from Dragon Roost Island.

Postbox Location Postage Fee
Bird's Peak Rock 20 Rupees
Bomb Island 10 Rupees
Cliff Plateau Isles 20 Rupees
Dragon Roost Island 5 Rupees
Eastern Fairy Island 5 Rupees
Flight Control Platform 20 Rupees
Forest Haven 10 Rupees
Needle Rock Isle 10 Rupees
Northern Fairy Island 5 Rupees
Outset Island 20 Rupees
Pawprint Isle 5 Rupees
Private Oasis 10 Rupees
Southern Fairy Island 10 Rupees
Spectacle Island 5 Rupees
Stone Watcher Island 10 Rupees
Thorned Fairy Island 20 Rupees
Tingle Island 5 Rupees
Western Fairy Island 10 Rupees
Windfall Island 5 Rupees


  • The Island Postal Service has a poster hung on a wall at the Cafe Bar advertising a position at the Mail Center. Presumably this is how Baito learned about the job opening, as the poster describes his part-time package-sorting role.[25]



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  1. In reality, Link can retrieve his mail from any Postbox at any time. The Rito Chieftain mentions the difficulty with Link moving around a lot, but does not explain how the Island Postal Service manages to address the problem.[18]


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