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For information on the character from The Minish Cap, see Hyrule Town.

Joe is a character in Spirit Tracks.[2]


Joe is a young boy who lives in Aboda Village with his parents, Harry and Mary, and his little sister Rei. He has a reputation as a prankster,[3] and tends to get himself into trouble.[1] At the onset of Link's adventure, Joe teaches the engineer-in-training how to perform a Somersault,[4] and goads him into hitting a Palm Tree with a Beehive attached.[5] Once Link escapes the swarm of Bees, Joe makes it up to him by giving him a common Treasure.[6]

Later on, when Link returns to Aboda Village anytime after clearing the Ocean Temple, Joe calls to him and asks if he knows a place where one might fulfill a dream to fly high like the birds.[7] If Link agrees to take Joe aboard the Spirit Train, he can then drive the boy to Beedle's Air Shop. Excited to finally get to fly, Joe produces Force Gem 4 as thanks.[8] He then remains on Beedle's Air Shop for the rest of the game, despite finding Beedle to be somewhat strange,[9] and will brag to Link about his experiences.[10]


Names in Other Regions
ジョー ()[11]
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