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The Joloo Nah Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Joloo Nah Apparatus,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Joloo Nah Shrine is located on Mount Nabooru in the Gerudo Highlands, but it is initially buried beneath the ground. Link must complete the "Test of Will" Shrine Quest in order to gain access to the Ancient Shrine.

On Mount Nabooru, Link will encounter the Goron Blood Brothers, who have come to their ancestral training ground to prepare for the Scorching Climate of Goron City.[2] They invite him to join their contest of endurance.[3] The contest begins when Link steps into the ring with the Goron Blood Brothers.[4] If Link leaves the ring or passes out, he will lose the contest.[5]

After overcoming the first round of the contest, Link will be allowed access to a contest of ultimate endurance.[6] An Ancient Shrine is said to appear once this contest is passed.[7] If Link is able to survive this test, Joloo Nah Shrine will emerge from the ground nearby.[8]

When Link enters the Ancient Shrine, he will hear the voice of its Monk, Joloo Nah, greet him.[9]

Themes and Navigation

The Joloo Nah Shrine features three primary chambers in which Link must utilize Motion Control Puzzles. In the first chamber is a cube suspended in the center of the room, which has Switches on all sides. On the ceiling is an Electricity generator. Using the Motion Control Puzzle, Link must tilt the cube so that all of its Switches are activated by the Electricity. When this is done, the portcullis in the back of the room will open.

The second Motion Control Puzzle is capable of spinning a cube that blows Wind from four sides. Link can find a Treasure Chest containing a Golden Claymore in this room by using the Wind to help him glide to the platform it sits on. Link must move the cube so the Wind activates the four Wind Switches in the room. Two of the fans are too low for the Wind to reach, but they can be raised by pressing the nearby Floor Switches. One can be kept activated by placing the big metal cube in the room on one with Magnesis Rune, but the other must have Stasis used on it while Link is standing on it. Once again, the portcullis in the back of the room will open, and Link must hurry to the next room before Stasis runs out.

The third and final chamber consists of a cube with stationary Torches on each of its sides. Two Water spouts are capable of extinguishing their Fire. Dangling from the ceiling is a lantern, which is capable of lighting the Torches. Using the Motion Control Puzzle, Link must light all of the Torches on the cube while avoiding the Water spouts. Once this is done, the portcullis leading to the Monk's Pedestal will open. Link can use Magnesis to grab the lantern and burn the leaves on the wall above it, causing a Treasure Chest containing a Gerudo Spear to fall down.

In the final room, Link will find the Monk's Pedestal bearing Joloo Nah. Joloo Nah rewards Link for his resourcefulness with a Spirit Orb.[10] After this, the Monk wishes him well and fades away.[11]


Names in Other Regions
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Het Joloo Nah-apparaat[13]
  • Tempel van Joloo Nah[14]
  • Same as English.
  • Temple of Joloo Nah
Latin America
Santuario de Yunish[12]Yunish Shrine
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