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Joy Pendants are items in The Wind Waker.[1] They are a kind of Spoil. Link must collect at least 20 of them to defeat Ganon.

Location and Uses

Every Bokoblin stashes one Joy Pendant in its pockets.[2] Link may take their Joy Pendants by defeating them or by stealing them with the Grappling Hook.[2]

Each dungeon in the game has two to four Treasure Chests containing Joy Pendants.[verification needed]

Once the Killer Bees lose to Link at Hide and Seek, the delinquents hide a Joy Pendant atop the Tree next to the Bomb Shop on Windfall Island.[3] They do so in the hopes that Link will find it and give it to Mrs. Marie as a birthday gift, as they are too proud to make the peace offering directly.[4] The Joy Pendant can be knocked from the Tree by rolling into it.

Mrs. Marie has made a hobby of collecting Joy Pendants due to her love of jewelry.[5] Once Link gifts her one on behalf of the Killer Bees, she hints at wanting more.[6]

Beedle buys Joy Pendants for 5 Rupees in The Wind Waker and 20 in The Wind Waker HD.


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
幸せのペンダント (Shiawase no Pendanto) (TWW)[8]Happiness Pendant
The French Republic
Pendentif du Bonheur (TWW)[10]Pendant of Joy
The Italian Republic
Portafelicità (TWW)[7]Happinessbringer
The Kingdom of Spain
Collar de la felicidad (TWW)[9]Happiness Necklace
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