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The Kee Dafunia Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name The Melting Point,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild. It is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.

Entrance to the Shrine

Kee Dafunia Shrine is located in the waters of Lanayru Sea, just past Ankel Island. It is one of three Ancient Shrines unlocked as part of the "EX Champion Mipha's Song" Main Quest.

Link will find Muzu and Tottika on the shore of the mainland nearby. They have been tasked to watch the area by Sidon, since the signs of Mipha's trial from one hundred years ago have returned.[2] Muzu will share with Link some of Mipha's notes. which provide a hint for revealing the Ancient Shrine.[3] Though he is unsure of their origin, Mipha repeated these words often.[4]

At sunrise, a Glowing Ring will appear in the water between Ankel Island and Tingel Island. Link must pass through the Ring while the sun's reflection touches it, otherwise it will disappear.[5] Doing so will cause Kee Dafunia Shrine to rise from the sea. When Link enters the Ancient Shrine, he will be greeted by its Monk, Kee Dafunia, who will introduce the trial.[6]

Themes and Navigation

Immediately at the entrance to Kee Dafunia Shrine is a lit, stationary Torch with a Torch Item leaning against it. The path forward is covered in Water, but a series of Ice blocks create a path. However, the platform past the Water is blocked by two pieces of Ice, which can be melted using a Torch lit by Fire.

After passing the two blocks of Ice, Link will find several more blocks of Ice stacked on top of a raised platform. In the center of this platform is a pillar, which connects further into the Ancient Shrine. Standing on the nearby Floor Switches will cause Tilted Platforms to push forward new blocks of Ice. Another lit Torch can also be found behind this platform. By melting pieces of Ice, Link will be able to create a staircase to the top of the pillar.

On top of this pillar is a final block of Ice, which is too big for Link to pick up or push. Past this is a pool of shallow Water, above which stands the Monk's Pedestal. By melting this piece of Ice to a certain point, Link will be able to bring it to the far end of the pool. Through use of the Ice and the Cryonis Rune, Link will be able to Climb up to Kee Dafunia.

Upon reaching Kee Dafunia, the Monk will commend Link for completing the Ancient Shrine.[7] As a reward, they give Link Ruta's Emblem.[8] They tell Link that collecting all three Emblems will lead to a new challenge.[9] Kee Dafunia then reveals how many are left to collect.[10][11] If this was the last Ancient Shrine Link had to visit during "EX Champion Mipha's Song," Kee Dafunia will tell Link to return to Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[12]

By melting the Ice on the rear side of the raised platform, Link will be able to access a hidden indentation. Inside is a Treasure Chest containing a Frostblade.


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